Praises and Valentines

Two things:

First, there should be a LBFA and Comics Alliance team-up going up at Comics Alliance soon featuring Mark Millar Valentine’s Day cards. Give them to people you love, maybe your grandma or your drunk Scottish uncle.

Second, when we were putting together last week’s announcement concerning Eugene coming to work with us and our attempt at doing this damn thing full-time, we sent out queries to a bunch of people in the world of comics asking them to say good things about us, which is sort of a weird thing to ask if you think about it.

“Hey, you’re somebody we know likes us already, would you put that fondness into a bite-sized quote that we can use to show other people how cool we are? Thanks.”

We used some of them in the other blog post, but we wanted to share the rest of them so the people we asked wouldn’t feel like they wasted their time helping us out, which they totally did, because we are self-sabotaging beings.

“This is awesome news! I’m always in favor of creators banding together for a common cause, combining not unlike the separate pieces of a giant Japanese robot, and defending the world against the mundane, one creative endeavor at a time.” – Paul Tobin

“When we heard that Adam WarRock and the LBFA guys were combining their creative talents, like Voltron, in to a giant robot made of lions, we were like… “WHAT?!” Then we realized that they weren’t ACTUALLY making a robot, but coming together to create some of the funniest comics, coolest music and original ideas around, we got
really excited to see what these guys will do next! Although, we’re honestly still rooting for a robot made of lions.” – Kirby Krackle

“Individually, Chris, Curt, and Eugene are strong. As Let’s Be Friends Again and Adam WarRock, they are mighty. But the three of them working together? They will be UNSTOPPABLE. We can only hope that they are never tempted to use their powers for evil…” – Chris Roberson

“I eagerly look forward to seeing what [insert name here] come up with. [insert name here]‘s work so far has been sensational – I loved [insert thing here] and [insert thing here]… and [insert thing here] knocked my socks off – literally! Etc etc., Jane, type this up and send it over. Thanks.” – Dan McDaid

” The prospect of this newly formed alliance both thrills and terrifies me. I CANNOT WAIT to see what is birthed from this creative union. I am not joking about this in the slightest.” – Mike Norton

“Chris Haley’s work on ‘Let’s Be Friends Again’ has brought me so much joy that when I learned he was quitting his job to do his art full time, I felt cheated — realizing he’d been half-assing it this whole time. I can’t wait to see what he does with a little focus.” – Christopher Yost

“Haley, Franklin, and Warrock are the Wonder Twins* of entertainment. Separately they’re insanely cool talented dudes, but TOGETHER they can turn into beavers and toasters and stuff!!” – Mitch Gerads


  1. Flash Fact

    Wow, Praise from Chris Yost! I’ll bet you guys were high on that for a while! *Hopes for Mr. Farenheit Jr. and the Enthusiast to appear on EMH now*


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