The Third Part
February 9th, 2011

The Third Part

Rolling along from Monday and Tuesday, the Glory Boat is picking up steam.

Check out another piece on us from the Beat, and, in case you missed it, check our interview out again on Comics Alliance and our War Rocket Ajax appearance!

More tomorrow!


  1. Aaron Poehler

    These aren’t funny.


  2. Matt Short

    Dude, it’s called suspense.


  3. Koltreg

    and then we had to donate to get them a new computer.


  4. Curt

    We’re doing something different this week, for our own edification and in celebration of our teaming up with Adam WarRock.

    Next week will be the new normal, three days a week.


  5. Joel Priddy

    Oh, shenanigans! Does anyone seriously believe that Chris Haley has EVER sat down at a computer with only one Superman tchotchke on it?

    I’m starting to doubt the veracity of this memoir.


  6. Mason

    What do those sticky notes say?


  7. lynn

    neither are you, aaron. and stop looking at the fretboard while you play. it’s cheating.


  8. april

    I think Aaron was joking, y’all.

    I got the inside scoop on the sticky notes: “TPS reports :(” and “boring meeting at 2:00″. Scandalous!


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  10. delihound

    I think Joel called. Curt however, totally wears a three piece suit on weekdays. The tuxedos, cummerbund, monocle combo is strictly weekend attire.


  11. delihound

    Called it, damnit, called IT.


  12. Markus Seaberry

    Interesting strip. I like the mpovement of the chair in the last panel. Nice “effects”.


  13. lynn

    @april it’s hard to find the humor in that comment. and i stand by what i said about the fretboard.


  14. bhendricks



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