The Last Stand of Gareb Shamus
January 31st, 2011

The Last Stand of Gareb Shamus

Wizard magazine is gone now, but as long as I’m pulling out magazine sized posters of Cable and Venom with folds in the middle from a box labeled “Curt Middle School” it will not be forgotten.

I don’t know why Wizard was so cool to us back then. Maybe having an actual magazine legitimized what we thought of as a childish hobby. Maybe it was actually really good. I don’t remember, I think I threw most of my copies out at some point so I can’t really check.

I haven’t read Wizard in years, so I can’t speak of the quality, but I knew people joked about it and sort of dismissed it as anything worth paying attention to. From the covers it seemed like it was just a vehicle for news about super-hero movies and whatever Mark Millar was doing which is like my two things that I can’t ever find enough information about so god knows why I wasn’t devouring it every month.

Oh well. Goodbye, Wizard. You told me Grifter/Backlash: The Hunted #1 was worth $15. I took it into a store to sell and the owner laughed at me. I consider us even now.



  1. Koltreg

    I don’t get why having a a wizard physically die would be all bad – he could just continue to communicate from the afterlife unless all of his spells were poorly worded, spelled and he had just hired people from the internet to make them losing all his magic cred and abilities.


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  3. hayduke666

    There’s a comic store owner who LAUGHS at his customers? In MEMPHIS?

    NO WAY!!!


  4. George

    Sad day indeed – I still have a bunch of the originals including Wizard #1 sealed up with the cards inside – think they’ll be worth something? :D


    Gareb NoShamus Reply:

    Worth? Not a phucking penny!


  5. Euge

    A lot of those Wizard covers were still rad, no matter how much the magazine ended up sucking.


  6. MartiniManJoe

    I agree the art was ballin as hell….ive dug through all my boxes and looked thru a few wizards…it wasnt terrible at the time but over the years it just got lazy and the internet killed it….i always liked it when they did fake movie casting…i saw one waaay back in the day and it had Alec Baldwin as batman and Guy Pierce as the Joker…Id watch that 15 years ago


  7. Meg

    I don’t know, when I stopped reading I still liked the art and content. It was the fact that I could either get a thin Wizard magazine or a paperback book that drove the nail in the very expensive coffin. What was it, something like six or seven bucks?


  8. Markus Seaberry

    I used to read Wizard occasionally. Their comic movie news was almost spoilerish, so I quit buying it every month. Every once in a while, I’d buy an issue. When I was young, though, I bought it every month at my local Kroger. Good times.


  9. chrishaley

    What’s important is that we all used to read it.


  10. Greg Manuel

    I applied for a job there a long time ago…sadly I didn’t get it, even after giving them the best Last Man Standing matchup EVER: Yoda vs. King Kai. Ahh, what could’ve been…

    Supermen Playing Poker,


  11. RaijinK

    I bought Wizard consistently from 1999 to 2002, and I can say that with certainty by looking over my shoulder at the spot on the bookshelf where they still reside. What I liked about it was that it made me feel like it was keeping me up to date in the happenings of the comics industry, and it was very funny. That first point obviously became obsolete thanks to the internet (thanks internet), and the second point just seemed to go away on its own. I guess it was some time in 2002 I figured there wasn’t enough funny left over to justify shelling out for it every month. I have a few more issues bought at random points from there to #200 in 2008, just checking in every now and then to see if it was getting better, but no, it just kept getting worse. In the end I’m not surprised it finally kicked the bucket, but part of me is sad too because I really did love Wizard about ten years ago. I still do occasionally pull out those old issues and laugh at the jokes just like I did as a teenager.


  12. Negro

    It became more of a pop culture magazine than a comic mag with all the shows and movies it covered, even the nonsuperhero ones. The problem with that is that there are better pop culture mags. Oh, and the internet. Yes, we all killed Wizard, but it contracted a terminal illness long ago and was slowly dying anyway.

    It was in a coma and we pulled the plug.

    Just another example of why cutting your content in half while adding an extra dollar to each issue was a bad move. Good thing I never got that subscription (hesitant because of the lack of comic related news… one issue had only 25 pages that had something to do with comics… that’s a freakin’ third of the whole thing!).


  13. Joey

    I have some special issue of Wizard featuring the Maxx, which we all know is the only comic I give a shit about.


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