Longshot and Cable in a blackout.
December 21st, 2010

Longshot and Cable in a blackout.

This literally, actually happened.*

Sometimes things are just funny.

Thanks to Eugene/Adam WarRock for his help with this strip.

Big things in the works and just around the bend.

There’ll be a Christmas surprise from us at Comics Alliance in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I guess it’s not really a surprise though since I just told you it was going to happen. Look, just try to act surprised.


*= No it didn’t.


  1. Jordjevic

    Surprised they didn’t know it was Stryfe via getting poked by his helmet from across the room.


  2. @chris_graves

    Hahaha. Doesn’t Shatterstar also have that “power?”


  3. chrishaley

    @chris_graves – I actually started to add him, but honestly, isn’t three enough?


  4. Kachi

    I had a dream where I was a Longshot-esque person. I had powers over luck and probability. I had five fingers though… But in order to get the powers I had to lose my molars.


  5. Matt Drane

    Ahh yes, the “glowing-left eye club”, as much a 90s staple as pouches and impractically-large futuristic weapons.


  6. Euge

    I mean, I pitched a different ending to the strip. But this one’s okay, too, I guess.


  7. The Real Derek

    @chris_graves The guys saying he’s Stryfe actually IS Shatterstar.
    Though, really, who wouldn’t rather be mistaken for a hood ornament than have one of those Liefeld face-pad-thingies?


  8. Locke

    One of them is really Deadpool with a flashlight.


  9. MartiniManJoe

    but can someone please explain why his eye glows though…i mean i really dont know???


  10. curtofranklin

    Why the fuck is everything in italics.


  11. chrishaley

    What have you done, Curt?!


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  13. Dayv

    This is a test of the italics ending broadcast system.


  14. Kadin

    I suspect the italics are a result of that asterisk’d footnote and some funny business with the website software.


  15. Locke

    Why, Curt, WHY?!


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  17. thomas

    The word EXTREME! is more EXTREME! in italics.


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