Curt has an idea for a Batman comic.
December 18th, 2010

Curt has an idea for a Batman comic.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a little background on the origins of today’s strip.

Waaaaaaay back in 2007, Curt and I had just won a contest at Life Meter for a silent one-page comic we’d done about Streets of Rage.

We decided to follow up this success with a mini-comic.

“How hard could it be?”

What fools we were.

Naturally, one of the first steps in the process involved Curt writing a script. Since we were still new to the whole collaboration thing (and to making comics at all), this led to Curt writing drafts of the script which we would then discuss at length at cafes and coffee shops. Taking notes. Making little concept sketches. Just feeling generally great about what serious comic makers we had become.

At some point during one of these revision sessions, Curt and I started cracking ourselves up riffing on the idea of a series of three panel comics that all ended in me quitting the comic over some awful/reprehensible premise for a strip Curt would be seen pitching to me in the final panel.

I wrote all of them down on my copy of the script. I hope to use these to blackmail Curt. Some day.

December 2010.
A few days ago, Curt is talking to me and says he wants to do a Batman comic.
He then describes exactly what you see in the first two panels of this comic.

“Why does his butthole hurt?”

“It’s a mystery,” he says.

I made this strip without telling him what I was doing, so if there’s a new artist here next week, you’ll know he didn’t care for it. Oh, and I’m probably dead.

I honestly have no idea if he was serious or not when he said he wanted to make the comic he described, but it immediately reminded me of those comics we’d made each other laugh with back at the very beginning of what would become LBFA.

Man.. wow.



  1. Markus Seaberry

    Wow. You guys are wrong, but so hilarious!!!


  2. MaxtotheMax

    I love the second panel to third panel parallel. You guys are the REAL original kings of comedy. Now start wearing garish suits.


  3. Joe

    Sat for a nice brood on the wrong gargoyle.


  4. Mxy

    It will hurt less if you stand up, Batman.


  5. bhendricks



  6. Mathew Digges

    That last panel just oozes with demoralization.


  7. lynn

    All of a sudden Chris and Curt look so grown up! Of course this coincides with some immature toilet humor. niiiiice.


  8. Colin

    I’m pretty sure I know the source of Batman’s ailing anus.


  9. chrishaley

    @Colin – Blood crystals? Bat-crystals? Bat-blood crystals?


  10. Colin

    Oh the horrors! Batman needs to lay off the bat-frozen pizza and bat-blue drank.


  11. Colin

    Also, is that Streets of Rage comic somewhere on this site? Streets of Rage is one of my great passions.


  12. chrishaley

    @Colin – It is not at this time, but I’ll add a link to it in the EXTRAS section.


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