An Origin – 4
November 17th, 2010

An Origin – 4

The line between fiction and reality starts to get a little blurry at this point.

The script for this strip called for a character that runs a video blog about The Enthusiast, and while I don’t think she likes our characters quite that much, I fully believe that fellow cartoonist, MST3K fan, karaoke assassin, and super-friend, Jen Vaughn, would have no problem running a video blog about something.

Also, Sunday was her birthday, so the timing sort of coincided.

Check out Jen’s webcomic, Mermaid Hostel, and join the two of us (and other fun people) for MST3KD&D on Twitter every Wednesday at 9PM Eastern.

Speaking of Twitter, I’ve been crowd-sourcing my followers for a name for a new review/Q&A column I’m going to start doing here. If you’d like to take a shot (or twenty) at coming up for a name with it, send them to me on Twitter. I’ll continue taking entries through this Friday.
The person (or spambot) that comes up with the name I like the best will receive the international recognition of being mentioned on this website at least once and some original art by me.


  1. Jordjevic

    I would buy that Enthusiast plushie in an instant.


  2. Joe

    …that just blew my goddamn mind.


  3. Chris Sims

    Does Jen wear Scott Pilgrimesque wristbands in real life, or did Chris just draw them automatically?


  4. chrishaley

    @Chris Sims – The Enthusiast wears them, so the character in the first panel does as well.


  5. chrishaley

    @Jordjevic – We may hold you to that in the not too distant future. #commentsmadeontheinternetarejustlikeverbalcontracts


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  7. keri

    gdi, that plushie is killing me. owning one would be creepy, but it’s SUPERCUTE.


  8. lynn

    i want the plushies so i can make them do things that the cardboard characters can’t. (won’t)


  9. Markus Seaberry

    Wow, an MTV FANatic reference. I think my favorite episode was where a girl and her mom met rappper (now preacher) Mase.


  10. chrishaley

    @Markus – Yeah, I think I remember that one. My favorite one was probably the one where the kid from Memphis met Van Halen.

    @Lynn & Keri – You guys do know that now when we make those plushies you’re legally required to buy them, right?


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