An Origin – 3
November 13th, 2010

An Origin – 3

Two comics in a week!? What’s happening here!?


The apocalypse is occurring and Mr. Fahrenheit Jr. can only see it from the other dimensions his lame old dad shipped him off to.

We’re about halfway done with the origin stories if you guys are all “This shit sucks, get back to t3h d7ck jokes.”


  1. malpertuis

    Quit apologizing for being awesome.


  2. lynn

    do you guys have a nemesis?


  3. Markus Seaberry

    Good strip, guys.


  4. The Real Derek

    Can I be your nemesis? I have my Guild papers if you need them.


  5. Joey



  6. Dave

    Wow, I totally thought “Dotheboys Hall” had to be a hidden pedophile joke—but no, it’s actually just you guys being SOPHISTICATED. Stay classy.

    Oh, and glad to see Curt’s in Slytherin. If he was in any other house I think my suspension of disbelief would die laughing.


  7. chrishaley

    Lynn – We have many nemesi.. I don’t know what the plural of nemesis is.

    The Real Derek – Only time will tell.

    Dave – We’re as surprised as you are.


  8. Locke

    Are you kiddin’ me? T3h d7ck jokes can hit the road, for all I care. This is great!


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