An Origin – 2
November 10th, 2010

An Origin – 2

Obviously we’ve been away, but we’re back now and we’re pressing forward with this thing.

Laying some groundwork, if you will.

I got a bit of a coloring assist from our friend, Evan “Doc” Shaner, on this one, so hats off to my second favorite “Doctor”.

The text on this strip might be a little hard for Joel Priddy some of our older readers to make out, so if you’d like to see a larger version of the strip CLICK HERE.

If you could see the scripts for these last two strips, I think you’d appreciate them more. So I guess we should probably include them as an extra in whatever future book these strips appear in.

I’m really out of practice at writing these posts.

Regardless, Friday we’ll unveil PART 3.

One other quick bit of business:
The original art I did for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Comics Alliance’s “Monster Project” is now up for bidding on ebay with all the proceeds going to the CBLDF.

Go bid on it!

You’ll be helping out both the CBLDF and my ego. Two for one!


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  2. Ol' Man Priddy


    Some of us are trying to moulder, down here.


  3. El Gostro

    Is that a cosmic powered Scott Pilgrim with a Captain Marvel cape ?


  4. Brian L

    And is that a cosmic Freddie Mercury sans ‘stache?


  5. Markus Seaberry

    Yes!! New strip!! And it’s excellent!! Ya’ll could’ve made it about fart jokes or something, I just wanted a new strip!! Glad to see you all are continuing the origin theme. Good job, gentlemen.


  6. lynn

    who’s origin?


  7. chad

    it looks like music is scott pilgrim and superman, i dont know who the other person is but it looks like they are shocking the earth.


  8. malpertuis

    **edge of seat**


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