An Origin – 1
October 20th, 2010

An Origin – 1

We’re not fooling with the Part 1 this time – we will be presenting the origins of Mr. Fahrenheit Jr. and The Enthusiast.

It’s a big leap. We’re assuming somebody cares about these characters we’ve created. I know it’s not Spider-Man joking about Aunt May’s anus or anything, but, frankly, we can’t really do that forever. Not like we’ll ever stop doing that, but we wanted to try something else for a little bit.

The strip won’t stop being funny but we’re trying to mix in some original characters, some mythology for this universe we have in mind, and some mysteries and plots and other things that “actual” “artists” “do”. Let us know if you like it or not. If you don’t, I promise we’ll do a strip where Galactus eats the Earth and has bad gas or something.

I know things have been sporadic around here, what with updates coming with barely a rhyme or reason, but I want to say we’re not giving up and thanks for sticking with us. I know I don’t really talk about us in a for real sense, but we’d like to do the strip full time.

Chris has a real job that keeps him very busy, so our first goal is to become successful enough for him to quit his job. Not like we need to be making Boston and Shaun dollars to do that, but money will help. And the plan is to have more merch and more shows to allow us to do that.

Thanks again for reading the comic. I hope we’ve given you a tiny bit of happiness in what is surely an otherwise terrible day.


  1. malpertuis

    Your background’s all purple/ lavender today. Awwww.

    Dudes! Narrative, Plot, Hero Origin Stories. PROSE. Well, I love it.

    NO Really, I am gonna gorge myself in it. Thank you!!!!


  2. Pat!

    can’t wait to see what ya’ll have in store :)


  3. Jordan

    This is just all kinds of awesome. I love the “got ‘em by the throat” / collar grab thing in the first panel. I’ve always wanted to see more with these characters.


  4. Ricky

    Awesome! Excited about the new direction!


  5. o0o

    ok, at first i was going to say i loved the jacquard loom and you are awesome. but then i clicked on boston and shaun and now i’m pretty sure i’m brain-damaged, so i hate you.


  6. Euge

    This is an amazing idea and great execution in the art by Chris. Beautiful stuff.

    I can’t just write a positive message, so to the both of you. You suck.


  7. Mxy


    I sincerely hope the origin of the Enthusiast involves gorillas.


  8. CWBookthief

    excellent. i’m excited. love the look of Fahrenheit Sr, looks like a true og.


  9. Thomas

    Completely disregarding the content of this impressive origin story: Shouldn’t that be “its experiments” and “its freedom” rather than “it’s”?


  10. Markus Seaberry

    I’ve been waiting for the origins of Fahrenheit Jr. and the Enthusiast for awhile. Looking forward to this!!


  11. Mathew Digges

    Are you telling us that Mr. Fahrenheit Jr. is… fruit of the loom?


  12. delihound

    YEAH! I am excited, this is gonna be awesome. I heart you guys!


  13. lighthousepilot

    Oh, guys. You had us at Aunt May’s anus. We’re not going anywhere. Well, not unless you show us Aunt May’s anus because I just can’t handle that.


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