Funny Boy
October 13th, 2010

Funny Boy

Wade is the second True-To-Life friend we’ve featured in the comic, and we’d like to thank him for allowing us to completely use him to try and make some kind of vague point about something blah blah blah. He doesn’t know anything about comics, but we love him anyway.

He also assured us that this comic has the approval of the Gay Mafia so, you know, no complaints, or they’ll bust your kneecaps.

Seriously, though. A fan asks about more LGBT characters and your answer is “One book, a year from now”? I guess when your reaction to claims of racism is a black Aqualad who can’t swim it might be better to wait and make sure you get it right. Or else you end up with a gay Green Lantern whose constructs are drawn from famous show-tunes.

Now that I think about it, is it possible Guy Gardner is gay? He’s constantly overcompensating by creating things we think of as manly like girls in bikinis, motorcycles, football players, etc. I’m going to pay extra close attention for subtext next time he wraps Hal Jordan up in a giant fist.


  1. msjacks

    LBFA hearts gays, and gays heart LBFA back! <3 <3 <3


  2. Ricky

    Rainbow Raider?? Well played, gentlemen.


  3. VictorWard

    OMG Chris is so talented. He has captured my essence. And everyone smizes – perfect! Also, it illustrates the fact that black and brown are neutrals, so you actually can mix them.

    But anyway, I didn’t know Dido started making comics! I guess that eminem song killed a pregnant wife and her career. But they’ve done plenty of lgbt inclusiveness. There was Kurt and then all the broadway people, and then Madonna and Britney Spears and, oh.. wait, that’s Glee. Well, hm. I’m better at talking about Glee.

    This comment has been brought to you by the Bravo! Network, now featuring Top Elf, the search for the next great Thanksgiving Day Parade Santa Claus.

    This is the worst thing I have ever done, and I haven’t even been drinking yet.


  4. nobodyspecial

    I’ve never got the impression that Guy was “overcompensating because he’s gay”. One of his girlfriends left him for Hal Jordan when he was thought dead (but actually trapped in the phantom zone).. so he definitely has a distrust of women and tries to push people away, which is why the Ice relationship was a breakthrough for him. But honestly, if you were a Green Lantern, are you telling me you wouldn’t primarily create constructs of girls in bikinis, motorcycles, and football players? (Though granted, I can’t recall a football player construct being used by Guy except maybe in an issue centered around a football game)


  5. Curt

    Yeah, probably.


  6. Scott Pilgrim

    To be fair, as someone who attended the panel that this is referring too, DiDio mentioned four separate characters before the girl asking sat down. It’s not necessarily his fault she kept telling him that his characters “weren’t good enough.”


  7. Spooky

    Does anyone else just wanna punch Batwoman sometimes for hogging all the publicity from, say, Renee Montoya? DETECTIVE COMICS HAD A COFEATURE, 75% OF COMICS REVIEWERS.

    Old wounds, man, old wounds.


  8. MartiniManJoe

    u know i gave the batwoman trade recently to a person who doesn’t read comics. i kinda wanted a outside view on her…this person kinda felt the character was “forced”…”wanting to be like batman”…”being a lesbian”…and then i read it again…i kinda see it….its like they just push these characterizations so that they fall into a segment instead of just writing good characters….anyway great strip !!!!!


  9. JH

    What Spooky said–the obvious solution is giving Renee Montoya her own book. Two books! All the books!

    Also, please, it would be Guy/Kyle if anything.


  10. lynn

    awe, no fair! first joe and now wade?! who do you have to blow, guys, seriously?


  11. victorward

    Lynn, the flaw is evidenced in your question – it’s actually multiple people, simultaneously, preferably with a pulley system.


  12. Markus Seaberry

    Nice comic, guys. Ask Wade would be a cool feature.


  13. Joel Priddy



  14. chrishaley

    @Joel – The operative word Curt said was “friend”, not “treacherous usurper”.


  15. Larry Koopa

    Is that Dr.Mid-Nite on the high end of fabulousity?


  16. Mark Grayson

    I might get trolled for this but I’ve always wondered about Batman… by himself wearing leather, training young orphan boys… suspect?

    But seriously the comic industry needs to seriously look at the fact that the only minority characters get killed off (and stay dead) and that no LGBT characters have any lime light, even if only 1-3% of the population is LGBT


  17. A book a day

    Careful now, fanboys don’t like it when their macho sacred cows are ‘tarnished’, with the gay brush. Remember Liefield’s reaction to Shatterstar?


  18. A Silver Mt. Paektu

    A book a day-

    I’m less irked by the suggestion that Batman might be gay (this would be fine/awesome), and more annoyed with Mark’s suggestion that pedophiliac grooming behavior is somehow symptomatic of homosexuality.


  19. Thatguy

    And lets not forget that DC killed Cassandra Cain’s well selling series, and scuttled the character, for Batwoman. Because two minority Bat books is too many!


  20. coren

    To be fair, 2011 is 3 months off. Not that I think she’ll get a series in January, but, hey


  21. arsenix

    I thought Batwoman was coming out with a 0 issue intro to the series in November and then starting up as an on-going in February. Has this information changed, or does DiDio not even know what all is going on with his company’s comics?


  22. Justanotherreader


    Want evidence of just how well DC handles gay characters? Take a look at the recent Justice Society comics where the only vaguely prominent gay guy in DC, Obsidian, comes off as a creepy psychopath whose strongest desire is to become a hermaphrodite by fusing with his sister.

    Yup, DC does love their lesbians, seriously all over the place, Scandal Savage, Renee Montoya, Thunder, Lesbians galore really…but their gay guys?
    Not so much. Lesbians just sell better I guess. Wonder why?


  23. Joey

    Hey, Lynn, it’s the same people you have to blow to get them to use all the fabulous pictures you’ve taken of them.


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