Days of Present’s Futures
September 28th, 2010

Days of Present’s Futures

I’m not sure how Diane Nelson figures into this, but I’m sure Bob Harras is going to have to do something to retaliate as part of his initiation.

On to things not at all related to this comic, here’s some other stuff that’s been going on in LBFA-Land:

1) I did this art for Comics Alliance & the CBLDF’s announcement of The Monsters Project. Please go check it out and help support the CBLDF.

2) I also did the art for Adam WarRock’s “Hank Pym (The Scientific Remix)”. It’s a great completely different take on an already great song made even better by the memories of the conversation (and dance moves) that inspired Eugene to make it. So go listen to it and throw your hubcaps up if you’re feelin’ me.

3) There’s a trailer for the animated All Star Superman movie. This isn’t LBFA related except in that it is something I am very excited about.

4) Curt’s at Disney World right now and I imagine he’s secretly trying to infiltrate their secrets and get the scoop on what’s going down with Marvel for 2011, so look forward to some major Marvel spoiler comics when he gets back.



  1. PeterV

    My god this was brilliant. Also I’m sure that’s how Geoff Johns talks all the time. While wearing a bomber jacket.


  2. Jordjevic

    “Why don’t you let them do what they want, Jim!? It’s always your way or nothing! You never give them any LEEWAY!”



  3. lynn

    my comment is about the monsters: awe!


  4. Markus Seaberry

    I loved it. A simple idea of mashing up the East Coast-West Coast rap beef with DC’s new bicoastal status, but executed beautifully. I look forward to reading this strip over and over again in LBFA Volume 2 someday.


  5. chrishaley

    PeterV – I cannot believe I forgot the bomber jacket.


  6. MaxtotheMax

    This is the hardest I’ve laughed in a month. You guys are the BEST.


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    [...] ITEM! The Let’s Be Friends Again guys show us the real fallout over DC’s West Coast move (click here for the full strip yo): [...]

  8. cool-slayer

    I absolutely love that piece with the classic monsters. It is amazing, your lines just kick so much ass.


  9. CalebAndrew

    Man, I am late to the party on this, but holy schmoley this hit the spot.


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