LBFA – Now a subsidiary of Dave & Busters!
September 22nd, 2010

LBFA – Now a subsidiary of Dave & Busters!

The orphan killer strikes again!

Who is this madman?

Does it really matter? Who cares about orphans? There’s no one to cry when they’re gone.

No one… but Mr. Fahrenheit Jr. and The Enthusiast.

They cry.

After they visit their local arcade/restaurant chain mashup.


  1. Euge

    oh man I LOVE D&B!


  2. Markus Seaberry

    I would call this strip delightfully wrong. Funny, but oh so wrong.


  3. MaxtotheMax

    If/when I meet you guys I will only be able to greet you with joyful, leaping highs-five.


  4. MartiniManJoe

    max all them dudes do is jumpin high fives…they ve been banned from all local k marts because of it


  5. PeterV

    I wish my high-5s did that. LBFA; raising the bar for us all


  6. Jordjevic

    Max, if you meet Chris in a McDonalds and he only gets halfway through an Egg McMuffin before you finish your hotcakes because he’s so hung over, you might want to hold off on the leaping high-fives. (just a little tip)


  7. thechrishaley's Mom

    like the intensity of the second panel. High fives all around!


  8. chrishaley

    Max – Jordjevic is speaking some truth. Otherwise, high-fives.


  9. Joel Priddy

    Check out the way the monitor glow accentuates MFJ’s physique in panel 1. That’s some nice coloring!

    But watch out for giving away the punch line in the title, since that’s the first thing we see on our various aggregators.


  10. bhendricks



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