Josh Eichhorn had the same problem
August 6th, 2010

Josh Eichhorn had the same problem

I don’t think owning maybe a hundred issues of Savage Dragon precludes me from giving shit to a guy who said some very dumb stuff.

I read the quote Larsen left on the Image message board and I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s that thing where you read enough of someone’s work that you feel like you sort of know them, and Larsen is usually a pretty tongue in cheek guy. So, I tried to think maybe he was just making an attempt at off color humor.

But in the context of a lawsuit that he has a personal stake in, it’s very hard to just brush a comment like that off. At best, he’s joking despite the comment not even being funny. At worst, he’s a Sim-ian who thinks so little of women that he honestly believes a full dozen of them could be bamboozled by a dashing English rogue.

People sure say dumb shit sometimes.


  1. MaxtotheMax

    Oh, misogyny. Is there any context in which it is correct? (There is not, if anyone was wondering! It’s a bad thing always.)


  2. Jordjevic

    Well Erik Larsen’s gigantic head is gonna haunt my dreams tonight, thanks guys. Thanks.


  3. MaxtotheMax

    Erik Larsen is the new Uatu!


  4. RYard

    I honestly thought that was Bendis at first…


  5. thechrishaley's Mom

    ok, if the boobs are what makes them crazy then you should give them bigger boobs. TM&TB!


  6. mordicai

    Oh man, this is the first I’ve heard of this & clearly the best possible retort of all. Best Legion parody ever of the week.


  7. PeterV

    Man Erik Larsen looks like one of those Easter Island statues, which must mean those statues have hated women all along.

    And chrishaley’s mom is awesome


  8. MoxieCola

    Any time you guys do a Legion reference I get all excited so this comic was an instant win. It serves to soothe by rage at this whole…. debacle! Ooh, haven’t got to use that word recently. Thanks, Larsen, for the opportunity.


  9. Markus Seaberry

    Wow, just a whole lot of foolishness coming out of Larsen’s mouth. He should apologize and evolve.


  10. chrishaley

    Markus – You have pretty much summed it up, man.


  11. Riley

    In his defence, bitches *are* crazy.


  12. Pippy

    As if Gaiman’s supposed english charm is any match for Mcfarlane’s Blue Steel Look anyway.


  13. Sam Carollo

    Why should he apologize? Have you guys ever MET a woman? The boobs DO make them a little crazy!


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