August 3rd, 2010



One of my favorite parts of the San Diego Advertising Assault on Your Face is the free stuff. It’s mostly clever – Mega Man foam blaster for your hand, Starro hat, partially stupid – Clash of the Titans cardboard shield, giant bag that looks like a dress with ads all over it, and a little bit useful – we actually did get a pack of tissues free from a hentai game booth. And I know I used dashes incorrectly all over that sentence but my air conditioning is broken and it’s 120 degrees down here and I think my toenails are melting.

Well, so, yeah, you get tons of free junk including maybe a pen in the eye.

Lesson learned: next time a dude really wants to sit down for the Resident Evil panel, just let him sit down.


  1. Mason



  2. Wolkin

    I totally remember this being the other way around with the two of you…


  3. Kylebasa

    Really you coulda just stabbed him in the eye with that Galactus hat. Swear to god i got poked in the eyes at least nine times by those damn things while walking the floor. Though did see someone combine the DBZ hair atop their Galactus hat that made me chuckle.


  4. Greg Manuel


    Incidentally, “KamehameHAAAAA”? ALMOST as fun to shout in crowded areas as “Zur-En-ARRRH!”

    Supermen Playing Poker,


  5. malpertuis

    I’ve been thinking about your friend, Mason. I think the secrets of the universe may be carved on his bones. We’ll need a bonesaw, a compass and a square.


  6. Curt

    true story: i almost entered an arranged marriage with mason’s cousin.


  7. malpertuis


    You could have been initiated to the mysteries of the universe on your wedding night!


  8. Markus Seaberry

    Nice one. The guest strips were cool, but it’s good to see the originators of this LBFA thing back on the strip!!


  9. thechrishaley's Mom

    Free swag is always cool. TM&TB!


  10. chrishaley

    @Wolkin – This from David “Where am I?” Wolkin?


  11. o0o

    anything having to do with Starro is a good thing.


  12. Caryn Loveless

    Hrm. My air works fine.


  13. Jordjevic

    I’m legitimately a little scared of Curt’s face in the second panel


  14. Tommy Kha

    I only came on this website to look at the Scott Pilgrim ad.


  15. Larry Koopa

    Did you really get Super Saiyan hair?


  16. ddrt

    Although I do agree with the comic it must be said that you have a Bleach Advertisement within two inches of the comic…


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