“Let’s Be Redshirts Again” by Jemma Salume
July 30th, 2010

“Let’s Be Redshirts Again” by Jemma Salume

We ask Jemma to give us a quick guest strip and she gives us multi-genre spanning, absolute comic epics.

We did a comic about Wonder Woman’s new outfit being terrible, but you know when it’s not terrible? When Jemma draws it.

She is our little secret weapon and she is completely awesome. I look forward to living in a world where her comics rule over all other comics with an iron fist.

I know our schedule has been completely bananas over the last week or two thanks to SDCC and all that jazz, but things are going to be kicking up into full swing starting on Monday. There will be at least three comics and even more special surprise things in between. Some of which you may even like! (No guarantees.)



  1. MaxtotheMax

    Those last two panels? Best things ever.


  2. april

    man, this combines like, so many of my favorite things.


  3. april

    oh, and it’s also adorable.


  4. Andrews

    Hahaha, best saucer separation ever.


  5. Markus Seaberry

    This is just so many levels of cool in one strip. Kudos to Jemma.


  6. Jordjevic

    I wish I had a nose like the ones Jemma draws. They’re so adorable.


  7. redwood5

    this is so cute it pleases me more than i can say.


  8. Crimsong19

    And yes, bow ties are cool. :)


  9. cbobgo

    so, I realize I am only a year late to this party, but if you get notified when comments are left I have to ask a question. When spock says “fbt” is that some abbreviation I’m not familiar with, or is it just an onomatopoeia?

    BTW been reading through your archives for the last week or so when I’m supposed to be working. Love your stuff.


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