Guest Strip by Diana Nock
July 23rd, 2010

Guest Strip by Diana Nock

Chris and I are running around in Galactus Hats and fake Dragonball Z hair at Comic Con, so mega giant ups to Diana Nock of The Intrepid Girl Bot for giving us a hand.

We met Diana independently or her great webcomic, hanging out in Memphis many moons ago.

She’s trying to fund a research trip to New England this fall so please, check her stuff out and give moneys. I know this is “The Economy” but help a girl out.

Oh, and look for us at SDCC if you’re here! We are walking around looking dumb.


  1. martinimanjoe

    I saw a ad yesterday with a female robot selling vodka….the robot had boobs….that really struck me as strange….good job on the guest strip!!!!…chris and curt btw actually have had this converstation!!!!


  2. Markus Seaberry

    Yeah, I should’ve posted this sooner, nice guest strip.


  3. april

    Chris is always gettin’ crushes on girl-bots. Sigh…


  4. anonymous

    well, you know what they say about girl robots…

    “Old enough to leak, old enough to seek”

    (yes, I’m ashamed of my self for that joke. couldn’t help it, though)


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