Pick your feet up
June 28th, 2010

Pick your feet up

Superman goes in search of the Real America. He could probably just ask Sarah Palin for directions. Come to think of it, they both have homes in frigid environments. And, uh, well I guess that’s where it stops.

Who’s going to San Diego Comic Con this year? Chris and I will be there, walking the floor much like Superman, starting in the particularly desert-like dealer booths and then making our way to the Five-Hentai-Videos-For-Ten-Dollars booths. And then just sort of walking back and forth between the two. Let us know if you’re gonna be there, we can watch Legend of the Overfiend together.


  1. MaxtotheMax

    Superman looks pretty hipstery in panel 2. Also, panel 4 would make the best poster. Especially Boombox Krypto.


  2. Euge

    Oh how I wish the copyright gods would let you put that last panel on a tshirt.


  3. chrishaley

    Max – Hobo. Hipster. The line is razor thin.


  4. chrishaley

    Euge – Seriously. If only people gave a shit about comics about two knuckleheads making comics then we could finally sell some t-shirts.


  5. Markus Seaberry

    Nice. I would imagine that flying does indeed own.


  6. martinimanjoe

    whats Krypto bumpin on his box…id say some old school beastie boys but thats just me


  7. martinimanjoe

    oh and supes would not have a pink drink guys…


  8. lynn

    Joe – I think the pink drink is dead on because in that last panel he is FAB-U-LUUUUS!

    Chris – If you make them, they will sell. (a la Field of Dreams)


  9. april

    I like how the hobo sack is made from his cape.


  10. Pj Perez

    Euge took the words out of my fingers. Last panel. T-shirt. Now. Call DC. Now.


  11. Joel Priddy

    Gentlemen, I applaud you.


  12. PeterV

    Joe- I can only imagine Krypto is ghetto blastin’ some Superboy RHYME. They’re crew after all.

    Great strip. Superman should always be keepin it this real


  13. Dave

    I choose to believe that, for some reason, Superman was actually carrying that giant bull skull in his hobo bindle. That kind of planning is why he’s never really gotten a handle on the whole utility belt concept.

    Btw, I like that the third panel is kind of also the premise of All-Star Superman. Lex Luthor probably sabotaged his sunscreen.


  14. Mxy

    Krypto has rarely looked that awesome.

    I’ll be going to SDCC this year, all the way from Chile (won’t be walking the distance, obviously). I’m thinking about printing some of my crappy strips and hading them to people.


  15. Mathew

    You guys are the world’s finest.


  16. Ted

    Terrific comic. I saw that last panel and couldn’t resist doing this: http://i49.tinypic.com/2cfukqc.gif


  17. Jen Vaughn

    Haha! I love that sun in panel three. PERFECT.


  18. Greg Manuel

    I canNOT get enough of this strip…nailed it once again, my friend!


  19. Greg Manuel

    Also: May I make a request: Supermen Playing Poker? (Superman, Majestic, Icon, Supreme, Samaritan, Gladiator…with Mighty Mouse sitting on somebody’s shoulder?)


  20. chrishaley

    Markus – That is my belief as well.

    Joe – Like PeterV said, Krypto is probably blasting Superboy Rhyme. Also, Superman is the only dude manly enough to drink whatever kind of drink he wants. He’s got nothing to prove to anyone, and if you tried to give him shit for drinking a pink drink he could rip your dick off and throw it into the sun. Remember that.

    April – I liked that you called it a “hobo sack”.

    PJ – Okay. ATTENTION DC COMICS! If you are reading this, please let us make a shirt out of that last panel!

    Joel – Getting you to applaud is pretty much my only goal in making comics.

    Mxy – Thanks! Keep an eye out for us at SDCC.
    Maybe after they let us make these shirts, DC will ask us to do an all new, all different Krypto comic where he just goes around constantly pumping up the jam.

    Mathew – You are too kind, sir.

    Ted – That sincerely made my day.

    Jen – Thanks, dude! It was a last minute addition, so I’m glad it was a good call.

    Greg – That is brilliant. I may have to grant this request.


  21. MaxtotheMax

    You guys’ shirt could circumvent copyright by just having a white dog with shutter shades holding a boombox and it’d say “KRYPTO IS MY DOGG”


  22. thechrishaley's Mom

    Why walk when you can Motherf@%kin” FLY?! Party on Superman! TM&TB!


  23. april

    oh my god, maxtothemax, I WANT THAT SHIRT.


  24. MaxtotheMax

    K to the Izz-r, Y to the Izz-pto.


  25. Matt Drane

    Awesome. I like that he ate his two cans of food in that first mile. (And a bull’s head?) Flyin’ owns indeed.


  26. Jason Baguio

    lol. holy shit! legends of the overfiend. Thanks for brining back crazy tentacle images for me guys.


  27. bobrasher

    i want Greg’s picture to include Sentry’s tombstone somewhere. if only because i hate him.


  28. Josh

    Any chance you could post a blowed up version of panel 4? that’d make a pretty sweet wallpaper.


  29. Kerry

    Out of all this greatness, I think my favorite bit is the phrase “where he just goes around constantly pumping up the jam.” In fact, I think the t-shirt I want simply reads “I GO AROUND CONSTANTLY PUMPING UP THE JAM.”


  30. Kerry

    ohnowaitimessedthatup holdonholdon letmestartover holdonholdonholdon
    Ahhhh. Better.


  31. Jordjevic

    I wanna know if you guys will be at SPX.


  32. chrishaley

    Jordjevic – That is the plan.


  33. Predabot

    Superman need not ask any Alaskan whispy for the road to the real USA!! He need only ask the REB BROWN CAPTAIN AMERICA!!! :D ^^


  34. chudleycannonfodder (David)

    Beautiful! I just realized that he’s using his cape for the bag.


  35. John935



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