The Mystery of the Crunchy Panties, Part 2
June 12th, 2010

The Mystery of the Crunchy Panties, Part 2

After a week of awesome guest strips, it’s time to delve once again into this lurid MAC Universe mystery.

An adventure of such epic proportions deserved a little class on the production end, so I enlisted my buddy, the sensational Evan “Doc” Shaner to take care of today’s colors. You may also remember Evan from such guest strips as this one, such pinups as this one, such Superboys as this one, and, of course, the Doctor.

His extraordinary talents speak for themselves.

Speaking of talents, don’t forget to check out Eugene/Adam WarRock’s first single “Starving Artist” which is available as a Pay What You Want download. It’s like Curt said, “Everybody likes to talk about supporting small artists, so try to give a dollar to WarRock if you can. He’ll use it to make more songs, then you give more dollars, and this is what we call “trickle down raponomics”.”

And after you buy that you’re still in a spending mood, please buy some art from me so I too can afford to go to cons to meet you rad people AND be able to pay for food. You know the drill, but if there are any new folks here, if you’d like the original art from any of the strips, just email me at and I’ll let you know if it hasn’t been sold already and how much it’ll be. And don’t worry, I have incredibly low art self-esteem, so I’m not ripping anyone off.

Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes.



  1. bobrasher

    fantastic work. don’t forget to rest in the shadows until Just. The right. Moment.


  2. thechrishaley's Mom

    Batman is able and willing to do what it takes to capture a perp. Even Superman tries to get info but he won’t because he will only go so far. Batman, all he has to do is speak to the perp and the info is given to him. Batman is a badass and will get er done!


  3. Markus Seaberry

    Nice strip. I like to see The Enthusiast’s and Fahrenheit Jr’s shenanigans!!


  4. MaxtotheMax

    I’m not sure that baller is the right adjective, MRFJR. But yeah, I would love to see the boys go Matches Malone on some punks.


  5. malpertuis

    God Chris, you do the night noirey thing so good!!! Loooove.


  6. lynn

    um, i love this. it’s really funny and looks great. i want to meet whoever did this and shake their hands and drink beer with them and maybe crash at their house for a while until i get my shit together. again.


  7. liz

    Your artwork keeps getting better, Chris! This looks really good.


  8. Brian


    Baller is definitely the right adjective.


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