Guest Comic by Evan Hodgins
June 9th, 2010

Guest Comic by Evan Hodgins

Thanks to Hodgins, who does Of Noobs and Men, for the stand in! Nightcrawler really doesn’t get many afterlife options, I suppose.

Sorry for the odd updating schedule, Chris and I have been recuperating from the 20+ hours of driving we did in a three day span to make it to Heroes Con. There should be a brand new strip on Friday that will be a continuation of the last Mr. Fahrenheit Jr. and The Enthusiast strip. Like, an actual story. *gasp*


  1. MaxtotheMax

    I like how annoyed Namor looks in the first panel.


  2. Rufus2k2

    I’m gonna miss sword-fighting, wench kissing Kurt. I’m really not gonna miss the total chode of a nancy boy he became thanks to some poor editorial decisions.

    RIP pirate Nightcrawler.


  3. John X

    Uh, when was Kurt ever a Buddhist?
    From what I’ve read, he has always been Catholic.*

    It doesn’t make any large amount of difference to me how he is or has been portrayed in the Marvel multiverse, but the joke seems to depend on rewriting the character into something he has never been; essentially changing the set-up to fit the punchline.

    If his belief was recently retcon’d, then I apologize.
    It’s been a while since I’ve read X-men.



  4. Evan

    The Sentry was all about retconning bizarre crap into the Marvel universe’s characters lives (see: relationship with Rogue, being Mr Fantastic’s best friend, etc). I thought that him guiding Nightcrawler from Buddhism to the religion that made such a huge difference in his life was a believably boneheaded retcon that Marvel could have done.


  5. MaxtotheMax

    Great job at joke comprehension, John X!


  6. Rai

    I’ve heard people say the problem with the Sentry in recent years has been that the writers that took him over didn’t know how to deal with him properly, but being an all-powerful walking obnoxious retcon was a problem right from the start. At least the absurdity of some of his forgotten milestones were always good for a laugh, as the strip reflects well.

    And yes, Namor’s facepalm speaks for us all.


  7. The Real Derek

    What? Nightcrawler’s dead? Bu-but, he’s gonna come back right? Right? I mean they bring back everyone right? Say it ain’t so uncle Curt and uncle Chris!


  8. chrishaley

    Max – You make us so proud.


  9. John X

    Ah, Evan, now I get it!


    I guess it’s my folly for primarily being a DC reader.

    That’s actually pretty funny. Heh!

    And here I thought Joe Quesada was responsible for all the retcons I didn’t like.


  10. lynn

    hey, i don’t understand this. it must be wrong….bark bark bark!


  11. John X

    Hello Max,

    I can’t tell whether or not you’re being facetious.
    For The Internet is an insatiable beast, forever devouring the verbal words of sarcasm down its gullet and regurgitating what’s left to all that cross its path.

    Take the previous analogy for example. ;-)

    If you were being sincere, thank you!
    If you weren’t, heh, yeah, I guess I was on the outside looking in on that one. :-/

    It’s been so long since I had heard about Marvel’s great hoax that I lost the joke.
    Ironically, the punchline (ie. Marvel’s rampant retconning) is the very reason I started dropping Marvel from my pull-list by the dozen a few years ago—with the main exceptions of Captain America and Iron Man. Brand New Day, along with Quesada’s handling of the death of Captain America, was the last straw for me.

    By the way, I admire your choice in avatars. Are you a Godzilla fan?


  12. MaxtotheMax

    No, but I like when he takes it to the paint old school.
    (also, good job at sarcasm recognition)


  13. chrishaley

    Max – Everyone should be a Godzilla fan. For their own good.


  14. Dirk Anger


    X-Men come back more often than Jesus.


  15. Ol' Man Priddy

    Remember when the Sentry convinced young Chris to skip out on his Peace Corp assignment to go see his first Doctor Who? And renamed Huggin Fluffythumbs “Curt”? And then suggested that they shouldn’t be friends just once, but over and over again in serial fashion?


  16. MaxtotheMax

    I want to watch Godzilla movies, but I don’t know where to start!


  17. Froggee

    You should watch the first godzilla vs ghidorah for his happy dance he does after spanking ghidorah


  18. chudleycannonfodder (David)

    Well, at least Nightcrawler didn’t have an affair with him when he was with Rogue.


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