Heroes Con 2010

Heroes Con was absolutely fantastic this year for the LBFA boys, and I’m sure there’ll be more posts to come, but I wanted to share this particular thing with you today.

The Doctor by Joel Carroll

The unbeatable Joel Carroll has been an online buddy for years, but we finally got to meet for the first time at Heroes Con this past weekend.

He was good enough to do this brilliant sketch of the Doctor for me.

As you might guess, I absolutely love it.



  1. alexD

    I havent seen the other Drs yet, I started with the last one, and I love him and Amelia too. Are the other 10 better?


  2. chrishaley

    AlexD – It’s all a matter of personal preference really. They all have adventures through time and space with the aid of the TARDIS.
    The Tenth Doctor is my favorite, but I loved the Ninth as well, and by all accounts I’m sure I’m going to dig the new fellow. I’ve also really enjoyed the Fourth Doctor. All the others are a little more hazy for me personally.


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