Guest Comic by Jordjevic
June 4th, 2010

Guest Comic by Jordjevic

Sorry for the rather up and down scheduling of the last week. I’ve been moving and sans internet for a few days and Chris has been swamped at his Looking-At-Skirts-Of-Teenage-Girls gig.

Frequent commenter and future recipient of a restraining order Jordjevic was cool/weird enough to do this guest strip featuring the girl versions of Mr. Fahrenheit Jr. and The Enthusiast. I beg you people, please don’t masturbate to this.

We’re vaunting through the mighty hills and holes of Tennessee today on our way to Heroes Con, North Carolina. Please, please, let us know in the comments if you’re planning on being there and would like to meet us, as we will be as nomads at the Con, wandering from table to table hoping someone will remember that one time we made Batman look like Daffy Duck.

Yes, we are in fact those guys! And we’d love to shake your hand. Or give you a satisfying hug if you’re Risk.

Speaking of Batman, check out THIS comic we did for Comics Alliance. We’re doing a thing there every two weeks (I’d say bi-weekly but it didn’t go so well last time I used the phrase) and they’ve been kind enough to throw some money at us to do very dumb things.

So, yeah, until next time!


  1. Markus Seaberry

    Interesting work. I love the fact that the band was named “Cutleech”. Awesome!!


  2. Jordjevic

    Please don’t hold me to the fact that I forgot the Enthusiesse’s atom logo in the Clamp rendition.

    Actually, please don’t hold me to the Clamp rendition. Those girls were harder to imitate than I thought.


  3. pg

    When was the last time that a request not to masturbate to something was honored?


  4. Hayduke666

    Is it just wishful thinking on my part, or does the “Clamp” Chris in panel two have a camel toe?


  5. lynn

    yeah, you should’ve made that “no masturbation” statement preemptively.


  6. lynn

    what?! D: hayduke, that is the antithesis if camel toe!


  7. Skelpin

    Wicked Guitar version of Flash Man theme? The theme for that Mega Man level was taken from the song I’m a Man by the Spencer Davis group. The power guitar version was done by a band Called Chicago with the awesome guitar done by Terry Kath. (Sorry, obscure bit of nerdity.)


  8. MaxtotheMax

    Jesus you guys, he asks you not to masturbate to this stuff and you expressly stare at their cartoon crotches. Shameful display.

    Also, great job Jord!


  9. caryn loveless

    Really? The female versions of you guys have bigger boobs than me, too?


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  11. chrishaley

    They’re women in a comic, what else could be expected?


  12. Raven

    I must say, that last one is the best. I must invite my manager to “behold the nexus of my butt” next time she denies me a three-day-weekend.


  13. bhendricks

    the last row of panels is priceless


  14. UnlikelyLass

    So, I gather from upthread that The Enthusiest becomes The Enthusiesse, but what about Mr. Farenheit Jr.? Ms. Farenheit Jr.? Little Miss Farenheit? Miss Farenheit II?


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