Last Bong of Krypton
May 21st, 2010

Last Bong of Krypton

God bless the poor future researcher who discovers the remnants of a society that has as many words to say about Pokemon as it does about manned spaceflight.

Hypno would definitely be my choice of Pokemon to send on orbit around the moon.


  1. mordicai

    Whatever, we have more Greek plays & philosophical bullcrap than we have Greek medical writings…& Galen was crazy, anyhow. What, we want to be like Sumer & have the total of our writings be like, receipts? & Gilgamesh?

    I still say Gilgamesh & Enkidu is the only real “Death of Batman” story I’ll accept.


  2. Jon Callan

    Awesome! A reference to Shelley’s Ozymandias.

    …coupled with a dick joke! You guys are the best.


  3. Jon Callan

    And… that says “bong” it turns out. So… yeah… what does that all say about me?


  4. Markus Seaberry

    Interesting strip, guys. I kinda hope you all DO get a Wikipedia page. I don’t think I know enough origin information about you guys to write one.


  5. Brandon Mendelson

    Like the Ozymandias joke in there. You have to get the national press to talk about you more than once, then you can get into Wikipedia. For a encyclopedia that wants to cover everything, it’s admissions standards are kind of shallow.


  6. Larry Koopa

    There are better pokemon to launch into orbit. Might I suggest every Tentacool and Tentacruel in the world?


  7. Phil Kahn

    Hypno would be a terrible choice to send into space.

    All he would have to do is hypnotize you into thinking that he already did it and the results were whatever you wanted them to be.

    Meanwhile he sits on a fat pile of cash smoking a stogie for five minutes of work.

    Unless it was one of those missions where we don’t expect to get the Pokemon back. Then I’d send Lickitung.

    Fucking useless piece of shit.


  8. Jen Vaughn

    I love that the future space ancient computer monitor still has a working cord. And I totally saw the word ‘dong’ as well. Sorrrry. Also, Curt… hahaha


  9. malpertuis

    How hot is the Shelley paraphrasing


  10. chrishaley

    Jen – That’s a special power cord that the future space guy plugged into the monitor to make it work. You can tell because it’s bright blue.


  11. Michael Szul

    The Ozymandias reference makes this gold.


  12. Murasakivie

    What about a pokemon that doesn’t NEED a spaceship? Mew or Mewtwo or Jirachi… I mean, he’s actually a freaking star!

    Also, I’ll contest that there may be more information about Pokemon than manned spaceflight. Granted the Pokemon universe is also entirely made up… But it’s also beyond adorable!


  13. MaxtotheMax

    A) Obviously Pikachu would go into space, if only for his hilarious shenanigans.
    B) If LBFA is to English as Beowulf is to Old English, then the future will think we’re the raddest dudes ever. And maybe you’d get cults built around you! (or me for commenting so often)


  14. malpertuis

    The only reason people think Beowulf is awesome is because he spends 30 percent of the poem telling people how awesome he is. He had good PR.


  15. Ryan K Lindsay

    Love the zooming between the first and second panel. Very cool little thing to add.


  16. chrishaley

    Ryan – That was all Curt’s idea.


  17. lynn

    is curt meditating or just constipated? and i like that zoom thing, too.


  18. Joel Priddy

    Looks like Chris splurged on one of those fancy depth-of-focus brushes.


  19. o0o

    you don’t tug on superman’s dong, you don’t spiiit into the wind…


  20. Esteban

    Please, everyone knows Hypno is just the poor man’s Kadabra.


  21. bhendricks

    The future sucks it looks like the things dick im offing myself before that.


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