PvP Guest Strip
May 12th, 2010

PvP Guest Strip

Today we’re bringing you a guest strip we did for Scott Kurtz. He didn’t have time to run it, but we were just happy that he had somehow even ever heard of us.

Also, re-iterating Chris Haley’s plea for your dollaz:

So here’s the deal: If you’d like to buy the original art of any of the strips (or any of the other miscellaneous art you may have seen on the site) e-mail me at thechrishaley@gmail.com and I’ll let you know if it’s been sold already or not and how much it will cost.

And if you already haven’t, check us out on Facebook. We got tha Twitters too, me and Chris, but I can’t promise it’s anything more interesting than us talking about MST3K and candy bars.

While I’m shilling, buy the hell out of our book using the link on the right!

Shillbot completed. Shillbot shutting down.


  1. NJJ

    Wow. Just… awesome!


  2. MaxtotheMax

    Hey, this gives me an idea! Instead of writing the essay for my AP World History exam, I’ll just write about the New Gods!

    Thanks, guys!


  3. chrishaley

    M2tM – Brilliant.


  4. malpertuis

    This is a thing of utter beauty.

    Damm, THAT is what I love.


  5. chrishaley

    And lest anyone think we’re joking, at C2E2 Scott Kurtz actually told us he’d heard of us and asked if we’d do a guest strip for him.. so we’re not just lying to make up a story for why we did this comic. Please believe us.


  6. Hans

    How did the tomato & grilled cheese go? :)


  7. Cody

    If PvP was as awesome as this strip I’d still read it.


  8. kalyarn

    Can’t believe he didn’t run this one…he should ask you to do a whole arc on Scratchseid fighting Highfatherchristmas.


  9. chrishaley

    Hans – I was too hungry to mess with trying to make the soup, but the grilled cheese was fantastic.


  10. chrishaley

    Cody – You’re too kind.


  11. chrishaley

    Kalyarn – Please feel free to email or tweet at him telling him this. Maybe if enough people do he’ll have us back sometime.


  12. Jen Vaughn

    Yes… This pleases me. :D


  13. Hayduke666

    I had to Google this to figure it out.

    At first, I thought this week’s strip was called “Jack Kirby’s Pup” (cuz there’s, y’know, a DOG in the last panel).

    And yes, I did actually Google “Kirby Pup”…

    it sucks being the worst and least knowledgeable ex-comicbook store employee ever…


  14. Curt

    What comic shop did you work at duke?


  15. Hayduke666

    hmm…the one in the background of my pic. if you look close, you can maybe see Ron ordering some nanobots to fetch him a flagon of sweet tea…


  16. Curt

    What the hell, I didn’t know that was you!


  17. chrishaley

    Hayduke666 – Yeah, this comic would make more sense over at PVP/to PVP readers than it does here, but we’re still proud of it.


  18. Hayduke666

    Curt: yes, that’s me in my zombie mask, 2005.

    I’m glad you and Chris are slowly but surely becoming web comic celebs :)

    Also, I hope Pertl is servicing you two to your satisfaction (snicker)…


  19. MaxtotheMax

    Hey guys, just checking back in about the essay thing. So yesterday I took the test, right? And I had NO idea what one of the three essays was about, something with Mayans and Aztecs. So I just wrote all about how Mr. Miracle would figure out how to escape from an Aztec sacrifice thing and then drew a big Darkseid face. I think I did really welll!


  20. chrishaley

    Max(2tM) – You make us so proud.


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