It’s already too late.
May 9th, 2010

It’s already too late.

Oh, Mark Millar.
You are a constant delight.

In LBFA news that is not related to this comic specifically, convention season is about to kick into high gear for us and since I (unlike Curt who keeps 99.9% of all advertising revenue and merchandise sales due to a legal technicality he and his lawyers assure me is completely standard in webcomics) am dirt poor, and that means it is time for The 2nd Annual Let’s Be Friends Again Original Art Sale!

You guys really came through in spades for me last year, making sure that I was able to afford coming to the shows by means other than hitchhiking and I cannot tell you how much I appreciated that.

So here’s the deal: If you’d like to buy the original art of any of the strips (or any of the other miscellaneous art you may have seen on the site) e-mail me at and I’ll let you know if it’s been sold already or not and how much it will cost.

A lot of strips got sold already during last year’s sale, so it doesn’t hurt to maybe list a few choices just in case. Also, as far as the pricing goes, the fact that I sold a lot of them last year should hopefully indicate that my prices are not unreasonable.
And, naturally, if you want any of the art you buy signed or personalized or anything like that, I’ll be happy to do that and whenever possible I’ll throw some other goodies in as well.

Or if you can’t afford anything (or don’t particularly care for my art), why not just tell your friends? Or everyone on Twitter? Perhaps all your Tumblr followers? Maybe you could tell them to mention you referred them to me and you’ll get some kind of prize.



  1. MaxtotheMax

    Man, Millar totally stole your FLICK joke!

    But I want to address something in that article Millar said: “There are absolutely no comic-books aimed at 16-30 year old guys.”

    REALLY? Is he being serious at this point?


  2. Matt Ampersand

    That’s two penis jokes in a row, you guys are on a roll!

    I also like the diminishing amount of microphones vs. the increasing amount of empty glasses.


  3. chrishaley

    Matt – The next three comics will just be Wonder Woman and Power Girl naked. That should balance things out.


  4. Dan

    @Max, I think Millar was referring to the UK comics market which is little more than a cottage industry theese days, although he does seem to be convieniently ignoring the existance of 2000ad, the Judge Dredd Megazine and Viz. Trouble is, although you can print a comic aimed at the 16-30 demographic here in the UK, and even distribute it to newsagents and supermarkets with all the kiddie comics, it’s tough to pull in the kind of readership that most publishers would hope for. With CLiNT, the celebrity endorsement might help, but the September release date might be too long after the movie to cash in on any Kick Ass buzz…


  5. PeterV

    He looks so sad in the 3rd panel. I didn’t think anyone could look sad while saying titties Like sneezing and keeping your eyes open.

    Great strip guys


  6. Larry Koopa

    No Magazine. No Nothin’. Just titties.

    That’s the title of your next book, right there.


  7. chrishaley

    Larry – That’s actually not a bad title if it wouldn’t lead to such MASSIVE disappointment on the part of people who bought it.


  8. Markus Seaberry

    Nice one. But I though we agreed that “LBFA is that Crack!!” was the title of the next book, LOL.


  9. chrishaley

    Markus – Close, but not quite.


  10. thechrishaley's Mom

    HAHAHAHAHAFREAKINHA! Penis. This is funny!


  11. Nathan

    I feel stupid now, I was thinking of Eastwood when I read the title


  12. Cody

    Wonder Woman will have her own TV station 5 years from now? Oh, Future, must you take so long to get here?


  13. Jim

    When isn’t “BOOBS” on a calculator hysterical?


  14. Andrew Luke

    At my last actual count the UK comics industry was about 250 print titles a year. (2001 figure) Nowadays I estimate it in excess of 1,000. Not exactly making any money or distribution but certainly enough to call it an industry. I’m sure Millar remembers black and white indy comics. eg. Trident, Saviour, that sort of thing. The sacrificial fires of advertising yeah Mark.


  15. Bruce

    Wonder Woman will have her own TV station 5 years from now? Oh, Future, must you take so long to get here?


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