All good questions.
April 23rd, 2010

All good questions.

I call this one, “Wherein Curt is jealous of my Doctor Who coat.”

Curt almost had me convinced I could write off buying that coat as a business expense at C2E2.

The show was a blast, but if you looked for us and couldn’t find us don’t feel bad. Our constant wandering made us difficult to find.



  1. thomas

    It’s funny cause Chris is hurting inside.


  2. Joe

    And yet still slightly more acceptable to wear in public than my Tom Baker scarf…


  3. Jason

    I was sorely tempted to buy that coat at C2E2 as well (along with the matching “Martha” coat for my girlfriend). But then I realized that I’d probably end up living on the street if I did, albeit with two very cool coats.

    Sorry I didn’t run into you guys.


  4. Markus Seaberry

    I’m not a big Doctor Who fan (geeks please don’t crucify me), but that was funny. So, will we continue this trend of Curt dissing Chris? I need some Chris rebuttal strips. Reciprocation!!


  5. Pj Perez

    As someone who doesn’t understand all the hooplah over Doctor Who, this may be the best strip ever. Also: Chris getting pwned. Also: Is Chris really rocking a Scott Pilgrim-esque, semi-Emo hairstyle these days? Or just Chris The Comic Character?


  6. Agent Orange

    It’s ok, Chris. I like the coat. <3


  7. chrishaley

    Boy, you never really know how much people hate you until you see their glee in your pain.

    I. Will. Remember. This.

    You also know who the decent people are, so I’ll remember that too.
    Thomas – And after I made you all those Lunchables.

    Joe – We’ll hang out and wear things other people are jealous of at some point.

    Jason – I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who almost did that exact thing. We’ll be at a million more cons coming up (or at least it seems like it), so don’t sweat it.

    Markus – Not likely. No one would laugh at Curt getting his feeling’s hurt though (since this is impossible because he is a Doombot).

    PJ – “Chris” has pretty much always had the same hair
    Real me gets haircuts semi-regularly, but has had all manner of hair lengths/styles within the time period that we’ve been doing LBFA.

    Agent Orange – ^_^


  8. hayduke666

    @ Pj: “hooplah over Doctor Who”…


    (i can’t make too much fun, though: i love that show…)


  9. tommy

    Doctor THANK YOU!!!

    So good…


  10. Nina

    OMG You were at C2E2!?!?! I didn’t even see your names :((( And I was really hoping y’all would be there. How great was the con though?


  11. Dan

    @Joe, what exactly is WRONG with a Tom Baker scarf pray tell?

    TBF last con I was at I nearly blew half my rent on an original BSG Colonial Warrior jacket. I have no idea when I wouuld’ve worn it in public but I wanted it soooooooooo much…


  12. MaxtotheMax

    Chris, don’t be Dr. Boo-hoo, Curt was just being Dr. Fuck-you. Make up and be Drs. Amig…u. Fuck, so close.


  13. Brian



  14. Jen Vaughn

    Hahaha! No worries, Chris. I know deep down (hell, right under the skin) you really want to be Martha Jones. Get Curt to measure you for the jacket I’m making.


  15. GL2814E

    Should’ve had a sonic screwdriver with it… And maybe done it in Britain… Just saying…


  16. martinimanjoe

    I knew nothing about dr. who prior to yesterday when I wikied him …..would i like the show chris? you always got a good gauge of “joe shit”???


  17. PeterV

    For some reason I read this as a scene from a teen movie, with Curt as the disapproving dad (all he’s missing is the can of beer in his right hand) and Chris as the geeky misunderstood youth.
    “It was banner fucking year at the let’s be friends again family”


  18. Dan

    I now know that wearing the Doctor’s coat isn’t cool, but what about my TARDIS piggy bank? That’s still rad, right?


  19. chrishaley

    Joe – I think under the right circumstances you could get into it. I’ll pick out some choice episodes and we’ll watch ‘em sometime and you can see what you think.

    PeterV – That is exactly what Curt and I’s relationship is like. ::sobs::

    Dan – They’re both cool. The ultimate sign of coolness is being cool enough to not GAF about what other people think of you.


  20. Wolkin

    You should totally wear that jacket to your cosplay wedding.


  21. Nathan

    Death to Curt


  22. Jeff Pannell

    Your pain .. is delicious!


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