Yeah, I get it.
April 14th, 2010

Yeah, I get it.

I can only imagine how proud you all are of us for this one.

Apologies for the lateness. It is completely my fault. Totally worth it though, right?


  1. Pj Perez

    Guys. I am seriously lost lately. I haven’t “gotten” the last 3 or 4 strips. And I feel like a moron. YOU YOUNG’NS ARE MAKIN’ ME LOOK STUPID.


  2. Louis

    FLICK is supposed to look like the L and the I were 1 letter


  3. aprilsteeleisreal

    This is the most obscure LBFA strip I’ve actually gotten.


  4. Sven Straatveit

    PJ – The SFX for “flick” is not used often in comics because it can be misread as “fuck”. This is not the first LBFA strip to cover this. : )

    CH- Nice one!

    CF- My P.O. won’t accept the hand-written excuse note from the “Franklin Foundation”… Thanks for trying though.



  5. Bully

    You’re lucky one of your characters isn’t called “Clint!”


  6. Hayduke666

    in an issue of Reid Fleming: World’s Toughest Milkman, we learn that Reid’s childhood home was at the corner of FLICKER and CLINT streets…


  7. thomas

    Curt’s look of child like wonder at what he’s discovered so flicking sells this one.


  8. Kachi

    Every ‘FLICK’ and ‘CLINT’ I see in comic books always make me do a double-take…


  9. chrishaley

    PJ – Are you sure you’re not just thinking too hard. Remember, we’re idiots.

    Louis & Sven – Thanks for the assist!

    April – Your training has paid off.


  10. lynn

    oh duh! totally didn’t get it.


  11. chrishaley

    Bully – Oh no! I’m not sure our comic is appropriate for such young stuffed bulls.. Did you get permission to look at our comics? I don’t want you getting in trouble.


  12. chrishaley

    Kachi – I’m going to need to see a much larger version of your icon immediately.


  13. Jon Callan

    The Adventures of Clint Flicker.


  14. Jon Callan

    “Guys. I am seriously lost lately. I haven’t “gotten” the last 3 or 4 strips. And I feel like a moron.”

    It actually took me a good ten seconds of staring to get the Megaman one. I was a bit of ashamed of that.


  15. Markus Seaberry

    I can’t stop giggling at this one. I feel like I’m eight again and my brother is playing Richard Pryor tapes while my parents aren’t at home.


  16. Pj Perez



  17. Pj Perez

    Jon – If I knew what Megaman looked like, I would have gotten that strip quicker too. I am SO unschooled in anything gaming-related, though. Last game system I owned or played regularly was the Sega Master System. That is not a joke.


  18. Dave Justus

    Clirt really outdid himself on this one.


  19. Pj Perez

    Hey Curt – let me know when you want me to draw a guest strip next time Chris fails you. It should involve John Byrne, anvils and possible hallucinogenic drug use.


  20. MaxtotheMax

    I imagine this is based on real life, where Curt thinks he can see sound effects.


  21. Jordjevic

    Well, curt’s second-panel epiphany face totally got me. He looks like an entirely different person there. As if this revelation of rock-fucking has removed all doubt from his mind of a better future, like he’s channeling Yotsuba or something.

    I wish I could find some rock-fucking in my life.


  22. Kachi

    ohman. Okay, here goes.


  23. Rob

    This was clever as all get out. Reminds me of my favorite local video store.

    BTW, dig the new header Dylan hooked you guys up with.


  24. Nathan



  25. David Arroyo

    Yes I made it! I have read the entire archive! I can finally sleep! HAHAHAHAHAHA Im sorry I think I have gone a little insane.


  26. Dave

    Just have to say—discovered you guys last week and had to promptly read the entire archive. Thank you for existing.

    P.S. Don’t tell xkcd I’m cheating on him.


  27. chrishaley

    Dave – Wow.. it is rare one’s (or two’s in our case) existence is thanked. “You’re welcome” seems a bit smug, and implies no gratefulness on our part. Should I thank you for the thanks? Your compliment has befuddled me.


  28. Dave

    I actually only meant the compliment for one of you—and I think we all know which one I mean…

    But really, you guys are great. You’ve got a knack for jokes I wish I’d come up with first, and for making classics clever again. I’d go on, but my doctor has me on a strict no-gushing regimen right now, so I’ll just say keep up the good work.


  29. o0o

    mark millar is starting ‘CLINT’ magazine soon…


  30. JerksWithWhips

    FLICK that guy in the face.


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