A New Era!
April 1st, 2010

A New Era!

Because you demanded it, True Believer! That’s right, LBFA is embarking on a new course, as ol’ Curt here dons his Captain’s cap and gets a new skipper along for the ride!

We’ve jettisoned all the dead weight and are on course for the third star on left, straight sailing til dawn!

I’m out of boat metaphors so let’s just cut to it and say that I canned Chris and hired this new guy to do some comics. Welcome!

So, we’ve got stuffy old Priddy livening things up and a new logo thanks to design flack Dylan. Yep, things are looking good around here!

Who wants to buy some stuff!?!


  1. martinimanjoe

    im seriously happy for you guys…i think this is a step in the right direction…with all of this dead weight now gone the book will look more professional….i was so tired of scott pilgrim rehash comics and superman references anyway…..heres to the future Marty Mcfly stlye all day!


  2. Pj Perez

    ABOUT DAMN TIME. Now Chris will have to go back to drawing penises on the foreheads of dudes passed out at frat parties.


  3. Markus Seaberry

    Wow. Now you guys might actually start putting out three comics a week without that slacker Haley around, heh heh.


  4. Euge

    I bet Chris never even really liked Superman. Good riddance.


  5. Rosie Perez

    Wow…the complete lack of response here tells me that it’s just too little, too late for this site.

    Should have done this while you at least still had some credibility left…

    Oh well…maybe I’ll order a book just as a keepsake. Good times….


  6. tommy

    Say it ain’t so Joel, say it ain’t so…
    I love you guys… I’ll take that milkshake…


  7. Brian

    Shame that it wasn’t done sooner; we all know Curt’s unfathomable genius was being held back by his amateurish scribblings. Now Chris can go back to doing furry porn and Speed Racer commissions at anime conventions.


  8. Mathew Digges

    One question – Who will get custody of Max?


  9. MaxtotheMax



  10. Brian

    Curt gets Max; then, if we can find him two other wacky teenagers to put in his care, it’s basically real-life Ducktales.


  11. caryn loveless

    Okay, so when you send my book, just throw some of Chris’ stuff in there too since he won’t be needing it anymore.


  12. aprilsteeleisreal

    I will pay money to see real-life Curt pushing real-life Joel on a swing.


  13. The Real Derek

    I’ll be the Launchpad in that crazy dream.
    As long as I don’t then have to take part in Darkwing Duck.
    I hate that show.


  14. friendlyneighborhoodillustrator

    Me too, April. Maybe we can take up a collection.


  15. lynn

    somehow joel managed to make the strip more homoerotic than chris ever did. congratulations!


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