The Krypton Kid
March 27th, 2010

The Krypton Kid

I think we’re a little overloaded with all the DC stuff lately. Monday, another comic about a boner. That’s cool, right?

Speaking of boners, our buddy Thomas would get one if you went to his site and bought some of his stuff! Imagine that, the power to give a guy a boner is in your hands.

Somebody make that joke, please.


  1. MaxtotheMax

    Does this mean that when I’m your age, Dr. Light will get even darker and rapier?

    As in more rape-prone, not the sword. He shouldn’t get a cool sword.


  2. aprilsteeleisreal

    Whoa, quite the vocabulary on the youngster. Adding to my theory that he’s really a 40 year old in his mom’s basement, pretending to be a prodigy.


  3. Larry Koopa

    That’s been my standing theory for a while. It doesn’t make his comic less good if it turns out he isn’t a prodigy.

    Also, the power to give a man a boner is ALWAYS in ones hands.

    There, I said it.


  4. chrishaley

    For the last time you guys, “Maxtothemax” is not the same young Max that makes Mocktopus. We can have more than one young fan named Max.
    “Maxtothemax” is Max Bachhuber.
    The “Max” that makes Mocktopus is Max Huffman.
    These boys deserve better than for you guys to not be able to differentiate between the two of them.

    Maxxes, I apologize on their behalf.


  5. april

    Oh man, sorry Max! I have made that mistake more than once. My bad. My very bad.


  6. GL2814E

    Bah, you guys can never do enough DC.


  7. MaxtotheMax

    It’s ok? I mean, the fact that I have enough Internet Fame from commenting here for y’all to have theories about me is pretty great in of itself. Also great: that Chris can spell my last name. Don’t worry, you can start confusing me with Max Huffman when I start a webcomic.


  8. martinimanjoe

    i’ve read so much “Blackest Night”….I now think that I’m black…


  9. Larry Koopa

    I’m going to continue to refer to MaxtotheMax as Max Huffman out of my bizarre sense of irony.


  10. Larry Koopa

    heh heh, rape-ier. heh heh.


  11. Markus Seaberry

    Classic comic, guys.


  12. thomas

    Rapier is the most clever thing that’s ever been on this site. How does that feel, Curt and Chris? Does it hurt deep down inside? I hope it does.


  13. april

    rapier – 1. (noun) : a straight 2-edged sword with a narrow pointed blade
    2. (adjective) : extremely sharp or keen
    3. (adjective) : condition in which an individual is more prone to commit rape


  14. april

    damn it. html messed up my joke :(


  15. chrishaley

    What the cuss, Thomas.. I’m going to change all those links to your sale to lead to our store instead.


  16. MaxtotheMax

    You could link them all to my sale!

    (Now it is time to make a sale)


  17. thomas

    Oh, I didn’t tell you? I start every morning with a tall cool class of Hatorade. ‘S how i roll.


  18. thomas

    Glass as well. Damnit. See what karma does to haters? Makes us look foolish.


  19. Brian

    Just tasteless enough to be totally awesome.


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