Deal or No
March 10th, 2010

Deal or No

The latest in our ongoing series of “Let’s never get hired to do real comics!” comics.


  1. Mark

    If you ask me, they need to imitate the practices of Japanese, South Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, etc. publishers, where applicable. In both sales and variety, manga and manhua dwarf western comics by an incredible factor. It’s like the Golden Age never ended there – cheap printing, genre collections, and omnipresent distribution mean that any individual creator who is not blisteringly incompetent and can stick to a schedule can likely find an audience.

    The absence of a train-commute culture probably hurts us, and there’s no helping that, but I can’t help but think that the way to win is to leave the comic book shops behind and start selling in places where people already are. (It works for Archie, after all.)


  2. Discount Lad

    This reminds me of that Conan skit where I think USA and Russia have a race, only for them to kill each other and have Libya win.

    Where in this case I guess Libya would be Boom Studios.


  3. Richard

    Absolute. Genius.


  4. guayec

    You guys, you rock so hard you could only be stopped by Bruce Willis drilling a hole in you and… No, wait, bad analogy. But you rock.


  5. martinimanjoe

    try something new????… dont u guys know about Wednesday Comics, Spider Woman Motion Comics and things like the Noir line……oh wait all that stuff sucked yea lets try something new….i like what you said about costume changes….i’ll never understand why having a new costume or having someone new in the suit is a trend that never goes away.


  6. Pj Perez

    “The latest in our ongoing series of “Let’s never get hired to do real comics!” comics.”

    I dunno, guys, I think one day Joe Q is gonna call you up and say, “OK then, let’s see you do something better.”


  7. Gavin

    @Mark yeah, without the mass transit commuters, we just can’t sustain that kind of industry. (Hell, we can’t even sustain newspapers)

    though I’m curious to see where we go when digital comics gain a little traction. Cafe Ave (french company) is testing comics on the iphone/pad. They deal directly with the artists and have no qualm supporting small/unknown artists. (why isn’t LBFA on that system yet :) ?)


  8. PeterV

    Great strip guys.
    What’s sad is that behind both doors is yet another round of this game. And another, and another, and so forth. Sigh.


  9. Markus Seaberry

    Funny, honest comic. I hope it doesn’t keep you all from getting paid to do this someday.


  10. Zach

    Please tell me this strip was inspired by the announcement of the Hawkeye and Mockingbird book.

    I mean if DC has a book about a married male archer and bird themed female, then MARVEL MUST HAVE IT TO, AMIRITE?


  11. chrishaley

    Zach – Unfortunately, this strip was written before that announcement, so this is a sad example of life imitating art.


  12. Tim

    Great, simply great comic.


  13. MaxtotheMax

    This is the Grade-est of Grade-A commentary. Bravo.


  14. Evil Clone Brian


    Oh, totally. Not like they could’ve gone with a Luke Cage and Jessica Jones book; no sir, it’s all tit for tat when it comes to Marvel and DC.


  15. tommy



  16. Larry Koopa

    I’m excited for Heroic Day. Excuse me, I meant Brightest Age.
    Also, nice pun Max.


  17. o0o

    @Mark: i’ve been thinking for a long time we should have comics magazines like 2000AD or Weekly Young Sunday but with USAian comics. I think it would work good, alraedy Shonen Jump is in some grocerty stores and at every magazine section in barnes and nobles.


  18. Curt

    I love a good anthology. I wonder if you could get away with black and white in America, though.


  19. Ffordesoon

    Long-time listener, first-time caller. Gotta say, guys, if you never did another strip, this one would be enough. It’s a perfect little summary of the state of the industry.

    Unfortunately, it’s still true enough that I actually can’t laugh at it. ^^U


  20. BurntToShreds

    They need to start selling comics at convenience stores and supermarkets again. Put ‘em at kid’s eye level, like they do with the candy. Marvel Adventures would be perfect for this.


  21. Larry Koopa

    I just realized that you guys went from no pupils to ALL PUPILS. Awesome!


  22. vanessa

    Wait, wait, a Hawkeye and Mockingbird book?! I admit haven’t been paying attention lately, but day-um, that sad.


  23. chrishaley

    Tim, Maxtothemax, Tommy – Thanks, guys.

    Ffordesoon – Thanks for the call.

    BurntToShreds – That’s actually starting to happen, albeit very, very slowly. I’ve been seeing comics in 7-11s and occasionally in supermarkets again lately, so maybe there’s hope.

    Larry – Gotta keep you on your toes.

    Vanessa – Seems kinda lame, right? It’ll probably be a pretty decent book though, even if the premise makes me facepalm.


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  25. Felipo

    Excellent commentary on the perpetual circle-jerk that is mainstream comics. (At least at the moment)

    Call them on their shit! Do it!


  26. Nathan

    Does Quesada’s hair really look that way? Last I saw a picture of him it was nothing like that


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  28. Greygor

    This sort of seems strange after this month, unless Marvel have something planned.


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