Put your hands up!

Superfriend Evan “Doc” Shaner used his incredible coloring skills on this Superboy Prime commission I did a while back.

Superboy Prime!

For this and many other reasons, he is awesome.


  1. malpertuis



  2. schrankster

    Dude! This sketch was drawn for my good buddy. He has it hanging up on his living room wall (his fiancee even got it framed for him). Is there any way I could get a print of this version for him? (His birthday was last weekend). Shoot me an email and how much it I could pay you for it. It would be very much appreciated.


  3. schrankster

    Guess if I had read the comments section of the previous posting of this sketch I would have figured out you knew most of that story. In any event, hit me up.


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