February 22nd, 2010


As some of the best pop influences of our lives continue to get turned into toys and gaming accessories, you gotta think about what’s next, or better, what’s not next.

What other medium would turn one of it’s greatest works into a small plastic toy?

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing Watchmen are going to be Heroclix. I do not GAF. I’m just saying comics are a pretty weird place, where our most thought-provoking and mature works are still fodder for such things as tiny plastic toys that serve as nothing more than vehicles for a collectible competitive numbers game.


  1. Jordjevic

    I genuinely love how Doc Manhattan looks kinda like a little blue baby making his first steps on the beach in the last panel.


  2. mordicai

    I have never collected ‘clix–being a pen & paper gamer I need MUCH more complicated rules for my minis. I have played with them though, & my roleplaying background made for a lot of fun– my “Joker Gang” was mostly me screaming in a Joker-voice about the various c-list heroes & villains I had to fight. It was…a lot of fun.


  3. martinimanjoe

    do we even know anyone who does heroclix???….and btw that is like the worst name for a game ever


  4. Markus Seaberry

    I don’t game, but if a HeroClixcould do that, yeah, I’d buy it.


  5. The Real Derek

    You could also point to the Ozymandius action figures within the comic itself as some sort of meta-prophecy. What I’m trying to say is that Alan Moore is a wizard, and that his tiny plastic fetishes will soon consume our universe.


  6. MaxtotheMax

    What’s next, Gone With The Wind Heroclix?

    Ok, I’d buy that.


  7. aprilsteeleisreal

    MaxtotheMax: I’d buy those too! You know what I’d REALLY like would be Wes Anderson heroclix. There are so many possibilities! Except there’d be like, ten different Bill Murray characters.


  8. PeterV

    So I’m guesing this would be a bad time to push my line of Ctitizen Kane plushies?


  9. Larry Koopa

    Bill Murray is the TIPPY-TOP of the A-list.


  10. Esteban

    There actually should be a Wes Anderson character that’s obsessed with building, painting*, and furnishing little tableaus to set his HeroClix.

    *all in colors that haven’t been used since the late 60s, of course.


  11. MaxtotheMax

    Ok, seriously, someone needs to get to work on MurrayClix. Ghostbusters vs. Rushmore!


  12. aprilsteeleisreal

    ESTEBAN! (you have a good idea)

    I invented Wes Anderson Heroclix. What did you ever do?

    I always wanted to be in one of your fuckin’ comics.

    (I can keep going…)


  13. Morgan is Brown

    I just want to let you guys know how truly amazing your comic is. I’ve been reading since summer, and I’ve found it to be the most consistently funny webcomic I’ve seen. Kudos, guys.


  14. chrishaley

    Thanks a lot, “Morgan is Brown”.


  15. Mathew Digges

    The detail of Dr. Manhattan’s drawers disappearing throughout the three panels is just an example of the kind of mastery that keeps me coming back. Nice job, guys.


  16. chrishaley

    Mathew Digges – That was a little visual gag that was all Curt’s idea. I hope you’re not the only one who noticed it. Also, dude, I have thought your stuff was great since Sims showed me your pencils (maybe some inks) for Awesome Hospital way back when.


  17. Mathew Digges

    Thanks for the compliment, Chris. The material that Sims and Chad have been giving me has been pretty great, so it’s nice to know that I’m keeping up with it.


  18. Jacob Martin

    Now all we need is a Magic: The Gathering expansion based on the works of Osamu Tezuka, and you’d pretty much have its Eastern equivalent.

    Dororo would be a hell of a Rare card.


  19. chrishaley

    Jacob – That actually might convince me to try playing Magic.


  20. Jeff Pannell

    But then you’d have to tap a swamp for Giant Rats..That will leave one feeling a bit, “Eh..”


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