Siege #2
February 13th, 2010

Siege #2

Not a lot to explain here if you’ve kept up with the Marvel news this week.

Siege #2 was a beautiful comic book. I think that’s something everybody can agree with.

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  1. Pat!

    epic win! :)


  2. Nathan

    indeed it is, I just fell in love with Coipel on JMS Thor and he keeps up the overall quality.

    also much as I disagree with how he does it, Bendis is definitely giving the current “age” of Marvel a huge sendoff with blood and thunder.

    but yeah that reflecting shield thing is an instant classic.


  3. Jordjevic

    That has got to be the most accurate visual approximation of Sarah Palin Speak I have ever seen.


  4. Joey

    This might be my new fave.

    Where are the contest results?


  5. mordicai

    I just can’t get over thinking about Captain America going about his day & seeing a bunch of people with signs that are pictures of the president in a Hitler mustache. I’m sure he’d love that.


  6. Ol' Man Priddy

    Cap’s shield looks like the Obama “O” in the last panel!


  7. kalyarn

    This is so awesome – I wish all of my friends read comics so they’d get this. Beyond the just the not liking Palin thing.


  8. aprilsteeleisreal

    That’s some good cartoonin!


  9. Ant

    Absofrigginlutely BRILLIANT!!!!


  10. Somnopolis

    Nice work. Someone send it to Steve Englehart. His Nomad era Cap is much missed.


  11. Tim C

    I don’t know what a sourdough is and I don’t know what a cheechako is. But I know this’ll split ‘em. And I know you guys are whichever the good one is.


  12. Larry Koopa

    I think I love you guys.


  13. PeterV

    Wow. I thought those last few panels of Siege #2 were perfect, and this makes it better by substituting an actual villain. That makes it perfect squared! Or perhaps even triangled.


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  15. Nathan

    PeterV – Never assume malice when incompetence will do.


  16. lynn

    HA! I.O.U. one drink each.


  17. Cretin

    I wonder why the shield isn’t reflected in her horrible cyborg plasticine teeth?


  18. guayec

    amazing comic. my fave panel is the seventh.


  19. Diana

    man, it looks like you guys have been getting a lot of love lately, and not just from curt’s mom. congratulations on all the traffic!


  20. WizarDru

    (a real tear).


  21. Markus Seaberry

    Nice one, guys!!


  22. Mr. Hellfire

    This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.


  23. chrishaley

    Mr. Hellfire – That is not the usual kind of comment we get around these parts, but we are happy to be able to provide a service of some kind, so thank you.


  24. Stephen Belcher

    I think I could just look at this all day; it just makes me so happy. It may sound like I’m joking cause this is the Internet but it’s the truth.


  25. MontyEich

    I want to make love to you for this…


  26. chrishaley

    Monty – Well, I think we’re both free tonight.


  27. Olav the Hairy

    This is good.

    Scarily good.

    Blimey charlie. All Chris Sims said was true!


  28. chrishaley

    Note: This strip has been sold.


  29. MW

    This is truly awesome and one of my favorites of all time.

    The only way this could’ve been even slightly improved was to have her hands up in the usual “three invisible cocks” pose she always does.


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