Real Talk
February 6th, 2010

Real Talk

Reading Mark Millar’s works, you get the impression he really just wants to fuck animals.

Wait, where are we again? Oh yeah, wrong strip, nevermind.

Usagi is pretty cool, but I was always more of a Gen guy.


  1. aprilsteeleisreal

    Reading Mark Millar’s works, you get the impression he really just wants to BED animals.

    [comment edited for language]


  2. PeterV

    I remember that episode of TMNT where they met Usagi. I should really rewatch it. ANd then go out and buy more Usagi trades. I’m tragically far behind.


  3. MartiniManJoe

    if chris was into bunnies that would explain some shit


  4. Rai

    Actually, it makes you a weeaboo. AND it makes you a furry.

    Nah, Usagi rocks.


  5. chrishaley

    Rai – I don’t even want to know what a weeaboo is.


  6. Mark Hale

    I wish I could remember a time when I didn’t know what “weeaboo” means.

    Even before I knew, I had always known.


  7. guayec

    And Real Thought too I presume.

    But really, he is.


  8. Larry Koopa

    I vote nobody tells him what a weeaboo is.


  9. Evil Clone Brian



  10. Diana

    FINALLY, TMNTs. I’ve been waiting since the splinter comic!


  11. lynn



  12. Nathan

    did someone say weaboo? ‘Cause I think I heard someone say weaboo.


  13. Markus Seaberry

    Interesting strip, guys.


  14. Menemeth

    So true story in San Jose Ca 2 weeks ago and there was a furry convention happening, weirdest thing ever seen.


  15. Adam WarRock and The Infinity Watch » No, Seriously…I Meant To Do This

    [...] (picture credit) [...]

  16. Jacob Martin

    Why does Chris remind me of Azumanga Daioh’s Kaorin in this suspiciously four panel strip? Especially when Kaorin tends to say stuff like “Sakaki’s so cool!” – and feels awkward about it.

    Come to think of it, barely anyone who’s watched the Azumanga anime doesn’t think Kaorin’s not a lesbian – and in the same way I regard this comic strip as in the same vein of hypothetical discussions of preference. You just never find out for sure.


  17. chrishaley

    Jacob – While I’m almost certain neither of us has read/watched that, since it is a series I’ve heard of, I’m just going to take this as a compliment.


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