Move action
January 20th, 2010

Move action

Dwarves can actually move further than that if they spend their full action making a double move, but I couldn’t really get into all that in the comic, could I?

We tried to think of what kind of characters the rest of the JLA would play but were quickly distracted by some lonely looking candy.

Anybody else going for the nerd triple crown with a little D&D-ing?

If you liked this one, we’ve done a couple more gaming related strips.

Dr. Strange discovers ancient secrets.
Dr. Strange has a Lotus up his sleeve.


  1. lynn


  2. lynn

    ps serviceable!


  3. friendlyneighborhoodillustrator

    Cast magic missile. I mean…


  4. guayec



  5. Adam

    Is that Mountain Dew? I really want it to be Mountain Holler.


  6. MartiniManJoe

    first off love thats its kyle not hal
    and 2nd….SUPERMAN SO DUMB!


  7. Brian

    I’m digging the Lantern-powered miniatures.


  8. Jeff

    Yes. Yes.


  9. aprilsteeleisreal

    Man, comic characters playing D&D will never not be funny. This is hilarious, guys.


  10. Larry Koopa

    I love that Kyle, a teenager, is getting frustrated over Superman, an adult’s, stupidity.


  11. Steve

    Great stuff, guys.

    Chris, you draw some great speed lines. Oh yeah, and Superman. You also draw a great Superman.


  12. Jeff

    I’d ask what character class Batman plays, but I can’t imagine they’d invite him to play after Tower of Babel. “The Kryptonian has a low Will save, and restricted mobility over difficult terrain. Arthur’s paladin is only moderately effective against non-evil threats. Ollie is playing a bard, and therefore irrelevant.”


  13. The Real Derek

    “Ollie is playing a bard, and therefore irrelevant.”
    You’ve obviously never seen what a Bard with Charisma 20 can do. Especially when he has swords that make him fly. Diamond Blades represent!
    Curt knows what I’m talkin’ bout.


  14. Joey

    This. This is now my second favorite LBFA comic. If only Superman had a wish!


  15. Sage

    I always though Kyle would play With Great Power…


  16. d-n-dblog

    Some amusement to pass the time…

    “Your dwarf can only move twenty feet per round.”…

  17. Jeff


    I think swords that make you fly are a bit of an equalizer. (I’m just kidding about the bard; they have a ton of utility and bardic music is huge).


  18. Markus Seaberry

    Okay, I don’t understand ANY of this D&D talk, but nice comic, guys.


  19. MaxtotheMax

    I like how bringing DnD and comic characters together has made the comments section into a singularity of endless nerd banter.


  20. Larry Koopa

    The DnD talk has gone just one notch beyond my comprehension.


  21. Dan

    Who was eaten? My guess is that Ray Palmer is seated opposite of Superman, but I have no reason to think that.


  22. Gavo

    Super man knows the rules! he’s just being a dick again :(


  23. Curt

    no particular reason i’m saying this now, but thanks for all the comments, you guys make this shit interesting.


  24. malpertuis

    God. I LOVE this one.


  25. chrishaley

    Note: This strip has been sold.


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