Thanks for hangin’ in there, One Guy.
January 11th, 2010

Thanks for hangin’ in there, One Guy.

If you’ve got our book (which if you don’t, why not click on that banner over there to your right and get a copy?), you may recall the commentary for this comic. In it, I talked about the hypothetical “One Guy” that saw that comic and really liked it, and has been waiting around ever since in the hopes that we might one day do another sports related comic.

And thus, in title and spirit, we dedicate this comic to “One Guy”.

And for the “rest” of “you”, if you understand this comic at all, then I congratulate you.

Chris “The art is never good Haley

PS – There are going to be THREE comics this week!

PPS – Hopefully the art in at least one of them will at least be serviceable, and none will be awful.


  1. MaxtotheMax

    Nope the art is still terrible why do you try christopher

    But seriously, this comic made my LOLFRIRL. Good job on making me feel like I understand sports, guys!


  2. Chad Bowers

    Volstagg in shorts and a The Last Boy Scout shout out? Right there — that’s why I love you guys.


  3. Pj Perez

    This comic would be a lot better if Curt could find someone who can DRAW. GEEZ. KEITH WAS RIGHT.


  4. Brian

    HELL YEAH, guys.


  5. lynn

    serviceable? wow. that guy is such a hack at calling people hacks.


  6. lynn

    ps i have no idea who this fat man is, but i love him.


  7. Daniel

    Cheap shots by Kermit Washington and Thierry! Is that supposed to be Haywood Jeffires in the 4th panel?


  8. Jason

    Oh man, I love you guys so much. Never thought I’d see a Billy Cole shout-out.


  9. Larry Koopa

    We called him “The Gun” because he literally carried a gun.


  10. vanessa

    The artwork here is terrible…Terribly AWESOME!

    No, but really, I haven’t any idea what this strip is about.


  11. chrishaley

    Maxtothemax – This one was already almost done before my self-imposed exile.

    Chad – Finally!

    Lynn – That is Volstagg. He’s one of Thor’s buddies.

    Daniel – Billy Cole.

    Jason – We’ve been waiting for the right moment to make it happen. For you.

    Vanessa – We will give you a prize if you can figure it out, and give us an answer (showing your work) here in the comments.


  12. Larry Koopa

    I used a calculator.


  13. Larry Koopa

    I want a wallpaper of Volstagg “playing football.” Also, GO RAVENS.


  14. friendly neighborhood illustrator

    Koala Keith is a D-bag. I mean, seriously. The art is never good, but it’s usually serviceable? Really, Keith? WTF do you do? That’s right. I brought the WTF.

    I’m really hoping you don’t actually know that Keith and that he doesn’t comment here regularly…in which case:
    a. Keith, I’m just kidding.
    b. Keith, meet me outside.


  15. hellohappytime

    Corey surprisingly pulls off the beard.


  16. Brian

    Koala Keith is probably a ridiculously talented, super secretive comic book professional that chooses to post anonymously on the internet, and WOULD have offered Chris some constructive criticism, but he’s too busy drawing twelve covers and inking three different DC projects to really say anything more detailed.

    I mean, there’s NO WAY he’s a bitter keyboard jockey. It just wouldn’t make sense.


  17. chrishaley

    Wade – Goddamn that’s a sick burn. You’re lucky Corey never reads our comic.


  18. Markus Seaberry

    Wow. You guys made a Last Boy Scout reference. I am not worthy!!


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