Those times were historical.
December 29th, 2009

Those times were historical.

Once again, we are left with no choice but to tell you all that we would be nothing without the peerless Joel Priddy, who has seen fit to provide us with this glimpse into LBFA’s past.
Truly Joel is a nonpareil among nonpareil.
A real, first-class nonpareil.

On an unrelated topic, I’d like to thank Joel for this “Word-A-Day” calendar he got me for Christmas.
I’m just kidding, he didn’t get me anything for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, here’s two things:
1) If you still need to buy someone something, why not make it one of Joel’s many fine comics? Or you could get them that fine softcore flick that’s resting at #3 on the list that he was in apparently.
2) If you were one of the lucky people that left a comment on our Christmas blog post that wanted something in the mail, I need you to go to the “ABOUT” page (there’s a link just under our logo), get my (that is to say, Chris Haley’s) email address, and email me your mailing address with the title “LBFA Xmas Mail” in the subject line and tell me one of your favorite strips of ours in the body of the email. I mean, I guess you don’t have to do this, but it will speed up the whole “you-getting-something-in-the-mail” process.

That is all.


  1. Joey

    Do you really want my address? Or can I save you the postage and you just bring it over?


  2. Jemma

    Very well played, Sir Priddy!


  3. Ol' Man Priddy

    Just trying to follow in your footsteps, Dame Salume!

    And how stoked am I that Forbidden Sins is on the Amazon list? And used copies are so cheap, I may finally see this thing!


  4. lynn

    I want a cool name like Baron Von Fahrenheit. Lynn, that’s a stupid name.


  5. Cretin

    A nonpareil without parallel?


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