Take it upon yourself
December 7th, 2009

Take it upon yourself

The year is 1988.
Occasionally, Batman is not the one who is a dick.


  1. MaxtotheMax

    That Joker is maybe the sinisterest Joker I’ve seen in a long time. Combine that with a killer joke, and you have gold. Well done, sirs.


  2. Simon MacDonald

    I dialed that number back in 1988 and I don’t regret my vote against Jason Todd to this day. Based upon what we’ve seen since his resurrection can you blame me?


  3. MartiniManJoe

    u know this was the first trade I ever owned and the first comic to give me nightmares…shit u not….i just read the intro to it the other day…the writer says something about how no one liked Jason and that a something had to be done about him…can we not do the same thing with Mockingbird who besides Bendis likes her alive?????


  4. lynn

    the joker is hot.


  5. lynn

    i like a square jaw and an evil disposition.


  6. Pat!

    i love you guys


  7. Larry Koopa

    This is my new all-time favorite-est webcomic ever. THIS VERY COMIC.


  8. Larry Koopa

    Also, I find it unfair that Judd Winick’s vote counts for more than anyone else’s.

    He has confessed that he called the “Save Jason” line in ’88, and when he got to write Batman he finally got his way.

    Whenever someone gets the only vote that matters, I call it the Winick Vote.


  9. Markus Seaberry

    Good comic, guys. I never called tha line, but it brings back memories. And I hate to disappoint you, Mr. Martini, but I also like Mockingbird.


  10. Joey

    I had no idea what this comic was about until I googled the phone number. Then I laughed my ass off. Also, did you know it was only a 5,343 to 5,271 vote to kill Jason Todd? 50.339%! I think Al Gore “lost” by more than that (That’s a joke. He actually won the popular vote, 50,999,897 to 50,456,002, or 48.4% to 47.9%. Yep, that’s right. People hated W more than they wanted to kill Jason Todd.).


  11. Curt

    The only thing I regret about this comic is we didn’t do a joke about the Joker actually being the ambassador for a Middle Eastern country.

    But, seriously, that’s already so ridiculous how do you do a joke about it.


  12. Andrew

    Well, yeah, Simon. We wouldn’t have seen the resurrection at all if you hadn’t voted to kill him in the first place.


  13. Daniel O'Daniel

    You should have had Two Face using two phones to vote twice.


  14. MartiniManJoe

    yea curt if u wiki a death in the family….it talks about joker being a ambassador for iran being culturally signifcant


  15. Rande

    So I’m curious… why does everyone in the rogues’s gallery get the Bruce Timm design nod except Catwoman and Riddler?

    Your comic is 110% awesome, btw.


  16. chrishaley

    Daniel O’Daniel – I will forever hate myself and Curt for not thinking of that, because it is brilliantly obvious.


  17. lynn

    i hate you too, chris.
    p.s. thursday is backwards day.


  18. p

    “etah”? what the heck is “etah”!


  19. Derrick

    This is a classic, one of your funniest comic post!


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  21. Mr.Hoisington

    Oh wow. :D


  22. Marisú

    @Simon MacDonald You should paint your avatar brown and post it on the picture over Clayface. Suits you like tailored for you.


  23. Caroline

    I KNEW IT!


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