Good intentions
December 2nd, 2009

Good intentions

Nobody appreciates me as a friend. Put a sad face here in post, Chris.


  1. lynn

    i feel bad for laughing at this.


  2. Cousin Miller

    I adore the Muppets and I am QUITE proud of myself for “getting” this post.
    Come visit soon.


  3. Nina

    Ha! I love this! Statler and Waldorf are the best!


  4. thomas

    This is a stand out in in your cartooning and figures, Chris. Statler and Waldorf look great, and Curt’s face and body language is exactly the right kind of cartoon exaggerated in the last panel; particularly his hands. Your balance in line weights is getting better and better. This isn’t the flashiest, but still one of the best looking strips you’ve done. The extra detail lines in SadChris and his chair really work against the goofier components, too.


  5. Joey

    Ok, now we MUST do that photo of you two as Statler and Waldorf.


  6. Brian

    Sweet Christmas – every time I think you two have reached a new level of awesome, you keep on going!


  7. Aprilsteeleisreal

    Thomas did a good job of saying what I tried to say about the art. So there you go. Ditto what he said. This is definitely a new favorite of mine.


  8. Markus Seaberry

    Statler and Waldorf are made of awesome. I really dig this strip, guys!!!


  9. jason

    totally agree with thomas on this one. funny as hell too.


  10. jason

    p.s. check the comments section in your frankencastle post on your hiptoday blog in response to the question you asked me. tried to email you but got a mail fail message. thanks.


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  12. MartiniManJoe

    I like how its april’s “new favorite”……that makes me laugh…i had a break up once and Curt got me Fonzie the Bear and Fonzie from Happy Days


  13. curt's mom

    Okay, this one is obviously funny even to me. I noticed that Cousin Miller also got it. Are y’all feeling okay?


  14. lynn

    i just went back to the garfield one to make sure it’s still my favorite because i’m also having second thoughts. false alarm. man, it’s close though. garfield made me laugh so hard that milk shot out my nose, but this one LOOKS so good.


  15. aprilsteeleisreal

    Yeah I’m with you, Lynn. It’s so close but just doesn’t have the same punch.


  16. Flint Fredstone

    muppets are NOT supposed to have legs. please avoid making the mistake of panel number two in the future.

    don’t feel bad, though- at least you didn’t have Statler and Waldorf removing their heads and dancing around:


  17. chrishaley

    Flint – I beg to differ..


  18. lynn

    Haha! Yeah nice try, Dumbass!


  19. Brian


    See also exhibits D and E from “A Muppet Christmas Carol”. Trust me, man, ever since the movies got going, Muppets have legs.

    Exhibit D :
    Exhibit E :

    Good point, with the clip, though. This is a much better way to get ahead.


  20. Flint Fredstone

    Jeez, I merely said Muppets weren’t supposed to have legs, not that they’ve never ever ever had ‘em in the long history of Muppetdom. I know there are plenty of examples of legged Muppets (I even included a scary vid of spindly-LEGGED muppets jumping around in front of bad bluescreen removing their limbs, eyeballs, heads etc., in my initial post, folks). Just trying to be funny, is all.

    However, and more to the point, i maintain that Muppets should not have legs. Muppets with legs should not be called Muppets: they should be called Fucked-Uppets…

    Case in point: what is generally considered to be the best and funniest Muppets movie? The first one, of course (with Austin Pendleton, James Coburn, and Telly fucking Savalas, could there be any doubt?). Said movie containing mostly, that’s right, wait for it…LEGLESS Muppets. Ha HAAAAAAA!!!

    Seriously though: Muppets with legs are, like, akin to Genetically Modified Organisms. They are an aberration; a sad road down which Jim Henson should not have chosen to travel.

    We, as human beings, are not meant to see the subtle underpinnings of Muppet physiology. Such things are not for the eyes of man, and should not be tampered with. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HEED MY WORDS!!!

    Muppets themselves seem to feel the same way. For more than a thousand years, there has been only one law in Muppetland: “No legs good, two (or more) legs bad”. Hollywood chose to violate that law, and shall one day, without a doubt, have to pay the price. I just hope I’m still around to see it…

    WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER??? You pro-leg nimrods are probably in favor of (dare I say it? I shudder to even think of it)….CGI Muppets. SACRILEGE!!! SUCH THINGS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE!!! CAZART!!!

    Just remember: “Muppets below the waist, in bad taste”


  21. MaxtotheMax



  22. Brian

    I bet he’s a Frog-Thorian, too.

    …Just kidding. As somebody who’s a Godzilla purist, and thinks Man-In-Suit Godzillas are the best ever [although the last batch of post-Godzilla 2000 movies were COMPLETELY BADASS], I totally understand your nerdy outrage. Sometimes things are better the old way.


  23. aprilsteeleisreal

    Haha! I love the Muppet-isms!


  24. chrishaley

    Curt has offered a $100,000 reward to anyone that brings us Flint Fredstone’s legless body.

    That is a joke.

    Clearly anyone who cares enough about the Muppets to have such strong opinions about them is someone with whom we can be friends (again).
    My only question is why the fake name? Are you ashamed of people knowing of your strong Muppetanical views?


  25. diana

    I’d like to set the record straight. a large part of the plot of The Muppet Movie involves Doc Hopper trying to get a hold of Kermit’s own legs. Remember ye the old west showdown? There is much humor to be had in a skinny set of frog legs with spurs. There was also the big scene in the saloon (“It’s a myth! A myth!” “Yeth?”) where Fozzie does his little dance number, and there are MOST CERTAINLY legs… and feet, too!

    that said, I think what people are trying to say is that the gag would’ve been absolutely flawless if curt had flown in the entire balcony.


  26. Larry Koopa

    I don’t have strong feelings either way, but in the original Muppet Movie when Fozzie is dancing on the stage and it’s plainly green screened is the lowest moment of his or any Muppet’s career.


  27. Olav the Hairy

    Did she take you back?


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