November 27th, 2009


Thanks to the inimitable Doc Shaner for doing all the work for us on this glorious Thanksgiving week.

Chris is in Texas and I am still somewhere in France, land of hundred dollar turkeys, making strip production sort of difficult. Thanks for hanging with us and happy T-Giving, homeboys and homeladies.


  1. MartiniManJoe

    kinda ironic that curts in france and chris becomes a frog…great art guest dude!!!


  2. lynn

    how come i’ve gotten no notification of this strip?? no tweets? luckily i just put it on my top sites the other day so…yeah. you’re welcome.

    also, i think this strip looks great. chris’s expression in the third panel is hahaha and i love that it’s consistent with how curt is always portrayed as such a douchebag! :D


  3. Larry Koopa



  4. MaxtotheMax

    I like the little touches, like the Green Lantern and Mjolnir. Good job, Doc Shaner!


  5. Joey

    Doc Shaner is a badass.


  6. Curt

    Shit, I didn’t mean to give him credit!


  7. Brian

    Question – does the un-powered Chris turn into Frog Thor by yelling “Shazam”, or does Chris revert to his original, depowered state of Frog Thor by yelling “Shazam”?



  8. Joel Priddy

    Brian, let’s try to turn this into LBFA’s running nerdfight. My stance is that our Chris is the one wearing the lightning bolt, so he is clearly the Shazamified version of Throg or Fror or whatever it is the little green guy is called. Being Chris Haley is a superheroes idea of downtime. That, or Chris is superhero squared.


  9. Dan McDaid

    Evan Shaner is frigging amazing.


  10. MaxtotheMax

    Mr. Priddy, I must disagree. Throg has a cape, and as we all know, the Power of Shazam gives capes. It does not remove them.


  11. lynn

    I like Joel’s explanation. Also, congrats on the book, Joel. Got a FB invite to the signing, but I’m in Korea :/ Maybe I can have it shipped?


  12. p



  13. Larry Koopa

    Woah there, Max! The Power of Shazam does not “give capes.” Mighty/Black Adam didn’t have a cape until he wanted one. And Billy can turn into Cap wearing a spacesuit or a lumberjack outfit, neither of which have capes. The Lightning Bolt symbol isn’t even a constant.
    Therefore, we have to go by powers at all. Chris goes from his measly “power of art” to having all the powers of a frog-zed Thunder-god. Chris says Shazam to become FrogThor. QED

    (Please realize this was an ironic nerd rant.)


  14. malpertuis

    Damm, Haley’s apartment is huge!


  15. aprilsteeleisreal

    Yeah, I wish that was hist real-life apartment.


  16. Curt's Mom

    You people are scarin’ me.


  17. MaxtotheMax

    Sorry Ms. Franklin.


  18. Brian

    Sorry, Mrs. Curt’s Mom. We didn’t mean for it to go this far.

    Even if those who believe in Captain-Marvel-Chris and the mighty power of his art are right, and those HEATHENS who believe in the almighty Frog-Thor-Chris are irrevocably wrong… it wasn’t supposed to go this far. Honest.



  19. JS Partisan

    Yeah, that’s the sort of silly, that makes every day brighter. Huzzah for silly!


  20. MartiniManJoe

    man silly should be on the emotional spectrum…be a awesome lantern…”Look out its the silly Lantern!”


  21. Brian

    When Law has given evil’s due,
    it’s party time on Earth-2,
    With fake poop and birthday spanks,
    we bring the fun – Goof Lantern’s pranks!


  22. Markus Seaberry

    Interesting strip. guys.


  23. Olav the Hairy

    If he could shout “SHABBA” instead and turn into Shabba Ranks…well, that would be perhaps TOO awesome :)


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