Seven letters, bird of resurrection
November 11th, 2009

Seven letters, bird of resurrection

Did you know Will Shortz is the only person with a degree in enigmatology?

That he designed the Riddler’s puzzles from Batman Forever? (Best soundtrack of all the Batman movies by far, btw.)

That his favorite crossword clue is “it might turn into a different story” and the answer is SPIRALSTAIRCASE?

Oh yeah, blah blah blah, Jean Grey sure does die a lot.



  1. MaxtotheMax

    For reference, Jean Grey died while I was in 3rd grade.

    I feel old, although not as old as you crotchety comics-ers!


  2. otherjoel

    You guys are funny.
    My favorite crossword clue:
    “Bust down reason”



  3. JS Partisan

    I am still live under the delusion, that Jean Grey’s resurrection could single-handedly fix the ridiculousness that is the Marvel universe. There’s no way those dudes would act a fool with a super-powerful red head around.


  4. MartiniMan

    I got no idea who Will Shortz….but the art is great Haley!!!!!…..yea thanks for makin me Wikin Will Shortz jerks!


  5. chrishaley

    Max – If you were in 3rd grade in ’76 or ’80 you are much older than Curt and I. If you were in 3rd grade in ’03 I don’t know if you’re old enough to be reading our comic.


  6. jason

    love the sad eyes on cyclops visor. and yet another obscure comics reference that went over my head until i read your explanation below the strip which got funnier after i read the strip again. scrolled down to see all the new press you guys are getting. looks great!!


  7. Markus Seaberry

    This one’s a little over my head, but it’s cool.


  8. Dave

    So you’re shooting for a fairly narrow subsection of an already marginalized niche group of geeks– but the 500 or so of us who get this really, really love you for it.


  9. vanessa

    HA! But she is still my favorite.


  10. Jeff

    I love you guys.


  11. jason

    @markus- pretty sure they’re saying that jean dies so often no one cares anymore. not even cyclops. the will shortz bit as a punchline might be a bit distracting and leads one to believe the joke must be about or within the context of who will shortz is. i too was lost but was a bit more clear after i read the blog post below.

    it’s admirable that chris and curt are going for more absurd, obscure, gary larson/far side type, humor within the comic book realm rather than the more obvious jokes that can be made about the comic book community.


  12. Kerry

    This post endears me to you for two reasons.

    1. Will Shortz, motherfucker.
    2. Thank you for being probably the only other person alive who would publicly admit to liking the Batman Forever soundtrack.


  13. chrishaley

    Jason – Yes and thank you.

    Kerry – Who on Earth doesn’t like the Batman Forever soundtrack?


  14. Larry Koopa

    I’ma go watch Forever right now. I forgot how tolerable it was in general, especially upon comparison with *shudder* “And Robin.” The only real problem is Tommy Lee Jones as NOT Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent as The Joker.


  15. MaxtotheMax

    Chris- I may not be old enough to be reading your comic.


  16. Kerry

    Chris, if you know of other people besides us who love that soundtrack, please let me know. I would love to join a support group.


  17. chrishaley

    Kerry – Dude, you have no idea how many times “Kiss From A Rose” and “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” were sung by our crew back when we did karaoke at The Vault.


  18. Kerry

    Well, be still my beating heart. I knew I was friends with you people for a reason.


  19. Larry Koopa

    Those songs are on the Forever soundtrack!?


  20. Dan McDaid


    And you are CORRECT about the Batman Forever OST! It also features a cracking cover of The Passenger by Michael Hutchence. I know – but it’s true.


  21. Fawnzie

    I really want to watch Batman Forever right now.


  22. chrishaley

    Fawnzie – Do not let us stop you from watching that movie.


  23. Mistervader

    Okay, I will admit that I am *not* a fan of the actual movie, but yes, the soundtrack was definitely one for the books.

    Which movie featured “The End Is The Beginning Is The End?” Was that Batman and Robin?


  24. chrishaley

    Mistervader – That was indeed “Batman & Robin”.


  25. surly

    GWAHAHAHA! love this!


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