Halloween Murder Den: Part 3
October 30th, 2009

Halloween Murder Den: Part 3

I would not recommend looking into how nasty James Joyce’s letters to his wife were if you aren’t already familiar.

I also would not recommend eating at McDonald’s, but I know you gonna keep on doin’ that too, so I ain’t tryin’ to tell you how to live your life.

There is still much more to come in the story of the Halloween Murder Den.

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  1. aprilsteeleisreal

    My WORD. Curt’s not kidding about Joyce, y’all. That stuff is not for the faint of heart. I didn’t even know they used the c-word back then!


  2. MartiniMan

    i once said in a lit class in college that james joyce sucked…i was right but ohhh man did i pay for that one


  3. MartiniMan

    wait i thought april steel keeps it real….i knew she was real already!


  4. p

    “ah, my sweet whorish Nora!”

    (MM: JJ does NOT suck YOU suck eat my BALLS you DICK. you made me cry on all hallow’s eve eve.)


  5. malpertuis

    “You chose the Talisker”



  6. Larry Koopa

    You didn’t check on that taxi guy at all…


  7. Brian

    In all seriousness, David Foster Wallace is fucking ridiculous. I OWN Infinite Jest and I still haven’t read the entire thing. And I want to; I just feel like I’d need an entire month, uninterrupted, in order to do it.

    Also, having read those aforementioned letters, I can agree that Joyce was quite the freaky-nasty sonnovabitch.


  8. aprilsteeleisreal

    Joe, I was just trying to remind people that I do in fact exist and am not actually the mythical perfect woman I am rumored to be. I AM real, and continue to keep it as such on a daily basis.


  9. Joel Priddy

    Dang, Talisker is tasty. Worth falling down a murder well.


  10. NJJ

    Why does Ghost Ed Brubaker have an eyepatch? I’m not saying it’s not badass, but it’s odd.


  11. chudleycannonfodder (David)

    AH! More long necked ghosts!

    Love that this one was chock full of literary references. Joyce and DFW FTW! (A lso, Fuck Ayn Rand. But not literally. ‘Cause she’s a ghost and that wouldn’t work well.)


  12. Ian

    Ok. Joyce truly is a nasty MoFo. And DFW is a got-damned genius, shame no one wants to make it through the book. You think the first fifty pages are hard? Try the heavy-duty math in the 100+ pages of endnotes he uses trying to explain nuclear-tonnage yield in an end-of-the-world game played by high schoolers on a tennis court.


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