Justice… like thunder?
October 20th, 2009

Justice… like thunder?

We know that Glorious Leader in his Lex-O-Suit armor doesn’t fit the rhyme scheme the rest of his fellow “masters of evil” were going for, but we couldn’t resist the chance to put him in it again.

In the interest of full disclosure, we will tell you he was originally supposed to be “Moonstone/Meteorite”.

While you’re here, I might as well tell you that I was a special guest on this week’s War Rocket Ajax. Eugene and Sims interview Tom Peyer, and I tell some ridiculous stories and gush about Dell Dracula.
I was going to do a post about how awesome Dell Dracula is, but 4th Letter’s already taken care of that for me.

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  1. Pat!



  2. Brian

    Absolutely hilarious! More please!


  3. MartiniMan

    who wins Kim Jong vs Norman Osborn?


  4. Larry Koopa

    This is the first time I haven’t gotten the joke here. I think it’s cause I fail at Marvel Comics.
    Who are all the super-types supposed to be and what is that comic in panel 2?


  5. Brian L

    Hey Larry,

    They’re supposed to be the Thunderbolts – that particular incarnation of the team involved villains who decided that, after the Avengers died (temporarily), they had more to gain villain-wise if they decided to play at being superheroes, which, if they gained enough trust, would put them in a position of power rivaling the Avengers.

    You may want to click that link in the post, though, because I’m not going to spoil the whole joke. (Well done, guys. Well DONE!)


  6. DK

    isn`t obama blacker?


  7. chrishaley

    Pat! – Thanks, dude. Always a pleasure to see you around these parts.

    Brian – That’s the plan, man. Straight up makin’ comics til we kick. Just like Tezuka.

    Joe – You have just written our next strip.

    Brian L – Thanks for the assist.


  8. Larry Koopa

    I think I officially still don’t get it.


  9. jason

    i must admit i didn’t get it at first either but after going through the comments i’ve pieced it together. i too fail at trying to follow marvel (or most any comic) continuity nowadays. so….if the marvel thunderbolts were a group of villains masquerading as heroes to gain the public trust, the LBFA thunderbolt villains depicted here, all being real world leader villains, (osama, kim jong etc.) are trying to the same plan with obama but since obama is such an avid comic book reader (and apparently so is osama!) obama already knows what’s up and can see through osama and the rest of the LBFA thunderbolts plans.

    am i right????

    p.s.-i must also admit chris, i’m starting to grow jealous of your interweb fame. sure wish my comics were as popular as yours…. ***shameless plug***



  10. Curt

    yeah, you guys have pieced it all together.

    and you should realize that at the time, the twist of the thunderbolts being villains was a complete surprise. this was in the days before we all knew what was going to happen three months before it actually did.


  11. MaxtotheMax

    I don’t know enough about current events to figure out who the Mach V and Atlas are. Is Atlas Gorbachev? Is Gorbachev still alive?


  12. Andrew

    I think Mach V is supposed to be the dude who runs Iran. But I’m stumped on Atlas, too.


  13. chrishaley

    Atlas is Putin. Mach V is Ahmadinejad.


  14. chrishaley

    I am not a gifted caricaturist.


  15. Muhammad

    I though Ahmedinejad was Hugh Jackman.


  16. jason

    i thought one of had to be ahmendinejad but he does look closer to hugh jackman. i think ahm has a fuller beard and not just a wolvie-esque 5 o’clock shadow.

    you’re putin ‘s good though.

    (that’s what she said!)


  17. Larry Koopa

    Now that I actually get the joke, I can safely say it’s hysterical.
    Sorry for dragging out the joke, turning it inside-out, and returning it to you like that.


  18. chrishaley

    Call me crazy, but Googling multiple real world evil dudes all at once made me Homeland Security nervous, so I basically only looked at one picture of each of these dudes to get my idea for what they looked like.


  19. chrishaley

    Larry – Sorry it took so long.


  20. Muhammad

    Wait, who is Osama supposed to be dressed as?

    Comedian? Iron Patriot?


  21. Larry Koopa

    You don’t have to apologize. You drew Captain Marvel in my book. You neevr have to apologize for anything.

    I can see it now: “No, don’t worry about the car. Captain Marvel makes all things better.”


  22. Larry Koopa

    One day, I will learn how to spell “never.”
    One day.


  23. Brian

    Osama is supposed to be Citizen V. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizen_V#Baron_Helmut_Zemo


  24. Daryll B

    Guys I just got turned on to your webcomic by the fine folks of Newsarama and let me tell you reading thru the archives until now…keep up the great work!

    Thunderbolts #1 was the last great comic book surprise in my opinion and this is an awesome lampoon on that!


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