Feet don’t fail me now..

Let’s do a blog!

1) Check out this sketchcard I did for one of our favorite LBFAns.

The Enthusiast sketch card

I am still taking commissions for sketchcards if more of you are interested. Just email me (see the ABOUT section for my email) and maybe we can do a thing.

2) We’re getting word that people who have ordered our book from Amazon are starting to receive them. If you have done so, please feel free to take a picture of yourself reading it or holding it or just proving you have one or whatever and we will post it and link to whatever you would like us to link to for you.

3) You may not have noticed yet, but there is now a little button below the comic on the right hand side that says “LBFA Vol. 1! Buy it here!”
Feel free to use that to buy our book.

4) We’re still working on deals to bring LBFAV1:UP to a comic store near you, but that could be a while.

5) If you’re new around these parts or if you just haven’t done so yet, why not join our Facebook group? We post things over there that we don’t post here. I’m not really sure why, but there it is.
Also, please feel free to meet and hook up with someone who is also a fan of ours, because that is the kind of thing we would like to facilitate. Hook-ups.

6) If you have not heard the official Let’s Be Friends Again theme song that Adam WarRock (aka Eugene Ahn) wrote and recorded, GO LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW!

That’s all I got.


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