October 14th, 2009


It’s like summer camp up on that Watchtower. Throw these kids together for a few weeks and oh how quick they turn.


  1. guayec

    you guys, you are my new religion


  2. MartiniMan

    man thats what dang ol batman gets for all his prank calls to Spidey!!!….chris when am igettin my ballin ass sketch card btw


  3. MartiniMan

    oh nice to see ollie for once on here!!


  4. Vy

    Nice touch on the phone, there.


  5. Finite Mike

    Awesome, thank you.


  6. april

    So good, y’all. So good! So good! I’m with vy on the phone thing. Look at you guys! Continuity! You’re growing up so fast.


  7. Mathematicscore

    You tell ‘im Martian Manhunter. That’s my boy!


  8. Euge

    I would like to say that Curt regularly puts his burns on me on twitter.

    And Chris once awarded himself a “burnsie” for a burn he got on me.

    This strip is right up their alley.


  9. Larry Koopa

    The best part of this is the Sad Batman emoticon!


  10. Sven Straatveit

    This is my new favorite strip. I love you guys.


  11. thomas

    What Sven said.


  12. Markus Seaberry

    That was so awesome!! J’onn J’onzz pwned Batman. FTW!!!


  13. Larry Koopa

    Ed O’Neil should play Martian Manhunter… and Green Arrow…
    and Batman… and the Flash.
    I can’t remember where I got the idea, but Ed O’Neil should play every character ever.


  14. lynn

    ]B-( <——hahahaha!


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  16. Luke

    J’Onn J’Onnz FOR THE WIN!


  17. adam

    love it. go cry, batman.


  18. Kevin Durr

    you guys should get a deviantart page and post the strips there too, it might expose it to more people, just a thought.

    this strip is one of my favorites!


  19. Andrew

    Pfft. Like the Flash should be laughing – he’s a dude who got punked by a dude who throws some freaking boomerangs.


  20. DK

    Hey J’onn? Remember that time your entire species got wiped out and your wife and children died? Remember that?


  21. thechrishaley's Mom

    Strange to see Batman smiling. But then I’ve come to expect the unexpected of you. TM&TB


  22. chrishaley

    Batman smiling is a little unsettling.


  23. PowerNerd42

    I always thought the batman emoticon was b_d


  24. Jacob Martin

    Is Batman racist in this comic? If so he got what he deserved. Maybe Batman really is racist, he grew up in the 1940s, and things were different back then.


  25. chrishaley

    Note: This strip has been sold.


  26. sir whiskers

    The comic was great, but the banana on the phone drew me over the edge.


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  29. T Mac

    Haha ohhhhh he so got owned!!! good stuff man!


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