Crayon Shin-Fan
September 30th, 2009

Crayon Shin-Fan

I don’t think I’m equipped to eulogize the guy who made Crayon Shin-Chan, so I’ll just say I’ve loved his comic since I got the first black and white manga seven or eight years ago. Something about the easy way it read and, of course, the sense of humor made it timeless.

In other news, I think it was exactly one year ago that we posted the first strip on this site. Hey, that’s pretty cool! We are one year old! According to this means that Let’s Be Friends Again is old enough to take it’s first steps, possibly start using a spoooooon, and eat shellfish. It’s a good time to be alive!


  1. MartiniMan

    you know whats funny I actually hear curts voice in my head as I read this one for some reason….like he would say something like that
    oh and LBFA and me share a b-day…so ballin!!!!


  2. Euge

    I like that Chris is reading Monster. Which I still haven’t gotten around to Vol. 2 like he’s told me to.


  3. Jim

    Congratulations on the 1st year guys!


  4. Markus Seaberry

    Congrats on the first year, this installment is creepy yet funny.


  5. jackie franklin

    happy birthday, lbfa!


  6. Atticus Jackson

    *sniff* 1 year *sniff* it’s so beautiful!

    Also, Chris! Your lightning bolt is fuggin huge.


  7. april

    This one must not be too far from real-life because I heard Curt’s voice too.

    Happy birthday LBFA and Joe!


  8. hellohappytime

    I am always game for critiquing art.


  9. Finite Mike

    Way to go, guys! Happy birthday. How about as a present you put Under Pressure on sale?


  10. Kitten

    yay! congrats guys! :D


  11. Dako

    i’ve been following you since then, congrats!! =)


  12. dan

    so, what color lipstick?


  13. jjt

    i’ve only started reading a few of these, and its nice to see a webcomic that isn’t tilted to either manga/anime or western comics. i’m liking it :)


  14. chrishaley

    jjt – Glad to hear it.


  15. chudleycannonfodder (David)

    Glad to see Chris is still reading Urasawa.




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