Kawaii Killers!
September 25th, 2009

Kawaii Killers!

Frills of Fear!
The Cruelty of Cuteness!
Dolls of Death!
These killer lolitas and their unicorn pets are quite deadly.
Between her brass knucks and her unparalleled comic skills, she’ll soon be in charge of us all.

In other LBFA news, Curt and I will be at SPX (in Bethesda, Maryland) all weekend.

As you probably already know, this is where we will be debuting our first book : LET’S BE FRIENDS AGAIN, Volume 1 – UNDER PRESSURE!

What you probably did NOT know was that as though this was not enough, we will also be debuting a number of other LBFA purchasable goods!

“Such as….”, I hear you thinking to yourself.



Yeahhhhhh, dogg.
That’s right.
We’ve officially got t-shirts.
I cannot wait for you to see them.

Come see us at SPX!
We’ll be debuting the book! Shirts! Sweet-ass prints!
I’ll be selling original art and doing sketches!
Curt will be DJ-ing and teaching impromptu skateboard classes!
We will have free candy!
Let’s do this being friends thing again.


  1. MartiniMan

    Good job Clayton on the Shirts!!!!…….I dont know Jemma but I love her art….good luck this weekend guys…be sure to plug the annual and dont saything about the cartoon!!!!


  2. chrishaley

    Joe – That is the best Chasing Amy reference anyone has ever made on our site. Congratulations, sir.


  3. vanessa

    Chris and Batman are horrified, Pikachu: unfazed.


  4. Sean

    Is Pikachu getting blunted in the first panel?


  5. jessi

    I could read the adventures of Mr. Fahrenheit Jr and The Enthusiast as told by Jemma all the time.


  6. Mason

    Haha, Pika gettin’ glazed up and hazed up


  7. MaxtotheMax

    I saw pictures of you guys selling the shirts on Twitter. Do I sense a shirt of vampiric marriage?


  8. Markus Seaberry

    So many cool references (like the big Hello Kitty) logo that I pray you all don’t get sued for. Oh well, litigation be damned, this installment was made of awesome!!


  9. Jeff

    I am seriously going to buy one of those Flash Fact shirts and send it to my ex, I wasn’t lying.


  10. Finite Mike

    Whoa, is that what it is? I am all the way down for a flash fact shirt.


  11. Joey

    i don’t know how to show lbfa love when they don’t show me any. i know you guys were at spx, but come on, how many times am i gonna get married? too busy to call or text? even joe sent me a facebook message.

    i had better get an autographed copy of that book!


  12. Gavo

    love the color line work! awesome seeing you two at the SPX — even if we still dont know who we are talking to on IM yet :(


  13. Gavo

    also, thanks for the birthday song! I’m still horrified and happy :D


  14. Euge

    Among the things I saw at SPX, I have to say Chris frankensteinering that one fan into one of the tables b/c he said Superman was gay, or Curt rollerskate dancing to the Lady Gaga ukelele cover band was a tie for best.


  15. thechrishaley's Mom

    Congratulations! Sounds fun & serious at the same time. T-shirts now, too. How nice! May the Force be with you! TM&TB


  16. atticus

    Crapdaggit! come to texas!


  17. Brian

    SPX = seriously great convention, and seriously awesome to meet you guys.

    …Damn, I never did buy you those drinks for the Batman-terrorizing-children strip, did I? Rats.


  18. diana

    grace and I got 9.5 out of 12 on a comics round at trivia tonight, and while you all would have probably hung your own heads in shame at such a poor score, I actually have this site to thank for even that minuscule amount of knowledge. I will now be offering up in gratitude my first born child. ya’ll can flip for it.


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