Guest Strip Week : Part 3
August 24th, 2009

Guest Strip Week : Part 3

Guest strip by Jemma Salume! Thanks for stepping in for us, Jemma!

We’re trying to put the finishing touches on this collection of our strips and this original three page comic we’re doing for it is turning out to be a lot more work than we anticipated. We want to make the book worth it since you can get most of the stuff inside it for free online. We’ll have more details about it soon, but it’s shaping up to be pretty cool.

Anyway, enough excuses.

In other news, we did an interview with our friend Jessi Reid over at Fandomania. They edited out all of our curse words. Fuck the word frak. Just censor us with #%^& next time, it’ll be alright. Regardless, thanks again for the interview!

Our friends Eugene Ahn and Chris Sims have a new comics-themed podcast going at War Rocket Ajax. Their first interview with Matt Fraction was pretty amateur hour so they spiced it up by mentioning Chris and I a whole bunch.

The plan as of now is to be back to regular strippage by Friday. Let us see how we do with that.


  1. Euge

    This strip is so much better than those sucky strips that usually run on this page when it’s NOT guest week. I also demand to know the horse’s name in the last strip.

    No, but seriously, this rules.


  2. AtticusJackson

    20 points for the monster’s batman boxers!


  3. MartiniMan

    Euge i can assure u the horses name is Sean Donny George Jungling Dickerson the fourth


  4. The Real Derek

    I’m glad that someone has finally confronted Curt with his James Kochalka furriness, albeit in a round-about comic strip fashion. Mr. Kochalka is very disapproving of the way you use his character’s likenesses to preform your debased rituals, Curtis. The horse is obviously none other than the Italian Stallion Joe Martini, also in his all-too-commonly-worn fur-suit.


  5. chrishaley

    What the hell is happening here?


  6. dan

    What? No marshmallow man?

    (but I love it anyway)


  7. MartiniMan

    Chris all we doin is what we always do…Derek im disturbed u just call me a Italian stallion


  8. Joel Priddy

    Can anyone explain to me why Jemma is not the richest, most famous cartoonist in all of Internetdom? She just slaps layers and layers of awesomeness with a trowel.


  9. anville

    The bunny suit made me shed a little tear of joy.


  10. lynn

    huh…i thought they were pterodactyl boxers. either way, this strip is awesome. i love that the panels kind of bleed together at the end and the way the figures go outside the lines. i also like curt’s pj’s :O) kudos jemma!


  11. lynn

    wait a sec…is that zombie mj on top of that building??


  12. chrishaley

    Joel – Don’t worry, she will be.


  13. chrishaley

    Euge – The horse is from webcomic Tiny Kitten Teeth and his name is Rapstallion.


  14. Matt Drane

    Amazing. What are the things atop and leaping from Mercy Hospital?


  15. Markus Seaberry

    I like it. I’m digging the Zombie MJ and the Wayne Enterprise building.


  16. vanessa

    very nice.

    Pink bunny suit + the expression on the horse= gold.


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