Guest Strip Week : Part 1
August 18th, 2009

Guest Strip Week : Part 1

Our first ever guest strip comes to us (and thusly, you) courtesy of our “good” “friend”, Derek Stiles.
We both think he did a bang up job, and joking aside, we thank him for doing us proud.
Take it away, D-Styles..

“Why does Curt have a gold cellphone but dress the walls of his jet in pedestrian steel?” you may ask yourself. First: gold is far too heavy for aircraft construction, and second: that, my friends, is not steel, but solid platinum.
And for those who would wonder why Max Mercury is surrounded by a backdrop from a Doors video, I believe the psychedelic nature of the Speed Force is well documented.
Confident that I have nipped any future criticism in the bud, I now thank Joe Martini for knowing who the hell Max Mercury is (sorry Johnny Quick, maybe next time), and of course the normal generators of this strip, Curt and Chris, for letting me draw some pictures on their digital wall. It was very difficult not to make a gay and/or dick joke about you while doing so.



  1. Markus Seaberry

    Liked the guest strip, and the inclusion of Max Mercury.


  2. MartiniManJoe

    good job D styles……curt does love him some blow scotch and money…..and just to be fair without Max Mercury, Bart Allen would not be as bad ass as he is!!!!


  3. otherjoel

    The time to buy is when there is blood in the streets.


  4. guayec

    i need a chair with buttons like those


  5. vanessa

    Joe Martini: I believe that is a “Blow Jobs” Button if I am not mistaken. I am sure a Blow button would be nice, but given a choice? C’mon!


  6. Lauren

    Did I miss when Curt became Ryan Seacrest?


  7. MartiniMan

    Vanessa have u hung with Curt on a Saturday night?….he always makes a memphis snow storm up in his nose!!!


  8. vanessa

    I don’t doubt that Curt is a blizzard master, however, it is a blow job button, which I would think is preferable.

    Are you saying you prefer the former? Because that means I am going to have to rethink your Christmas present.


  9. april

    considering max mercury is quite occupied, i think it’s obvious who’s job it is to do the blowing, and i don’t think he’s gonna be too happy when he has to pause the DS. (there you go, derek. leave the gay/dick jokes to the commenters)


  10. Curt

    I can’t believe I call you people my friends.


  11. The Real Derek

    April- Actually, the pilot puts the plane on auto and performs the duty. But it’s a clone of Chris, so it’s still just as gay. And dick related:D Ah, I miss you guys.


  12. Rebecca

    I’m just wondering does Chris have any nifty buttons on his arm rest or is Curt the only one? I don’t know you personally Curt but from past comics you seem like the type to deprive Chris of any fun and keep all the blow jobs to yourself, and I mean that in the best possible way :)


  13. Evan

    Simply adorable.


  14. lynn

    it seems to me that chris’s “character” is probably anaware of a thing called “blowjobs.” As you will remember, true fans, he is not even really clear on the anatomy of a female. i am referring, of course, to the famous “pee-hole” strip.


  15. Brian

    It would have to be the pilot, White Lantern, that performs the duty. Curt is way too smart to let anyone with the Speed Force near his junk. It could get ugly.


  16. MartiniMan

    dont drag White Lantern in this Brian!


  17. Ben Roethlisberger

    I totally hate Curt.


  18. chrishaley

    Wow, you guys.


  19. Howard Chaykin

    I would be Chris’s BJ button 4realz.


  20. Rob

    Can I draw the next strip….u guys would love it


  21. atticus

    I love all of this.


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