The Arcade
August 5th, 2009

The Arcade

Adventures in new brushes! I think the strip looks great. It distracts from the basically true, creepy ass conversation me and Chris had.

You’re so weird, Chris.


  1. MartiniMan

    love the waynes world sittin on cars at the airport…..emma frost would be a better super hero g/f though…..english, hot, you know shes a freak and a telepath


  2. curt's mom

    Love the plane watching! Reminds me of how Airways Drive used to be!


  3. Joey

    See, that’s just brilliant.


  4. chrishaley

    Wonder Woman was actually my answer, but Curt really has laid bare my very real insecurities and abandonment issues here in comic form.



  5. chrishaley

    @Curt’s Mom – If it had been Airways there’d be about 30 more planes up there.


  6. chrishaley

    @Joe – Yes, I would pick Emma Frost over Wonder Woman these days, but when we were Li’l Folks there was no Marvel Super Amigos cartoon for me to even know who the hell Emma Frost was.


  7. malpertuis

    HA! That explains my friend’s crush on Squirrel Girl.


  8. vanessa

    Nice one! Chris (and Curt) you have been forgiven for your hermited-ness for another week.


  9. chrishaley

    Vanessa – I guess I’m gonna have to get a tattoo for us to get any quality time in.


  10. Dylan

    I’m telling you man, Sue Richards is where it’s at. After being ignored by Reed Richards for years, all you’d have to do is look at her and grunt every once in a while and you’re golden.


  11. lynn

    “In latin she would be called Babia Majora and she would hunted with only her cunning to protect her.”


  12. Jim

    Lord knows Wonder Man wasn’t turning Spider-Woman on.


  13. jason

    vampirella’s a good a comic crush. the real life equivalent being elvira!!! funny strip as always guys!!


  14. adam

    that first panel is great! All the airplanes. Makes me feel like we’re filming Escape again.


  15. Pat!



  16. Lauren

    Does that make Curt Garth?


  17. itcomagic

    Ah, if barbed-wire really did resemble Charlie Brown hair.
    Good job.


  18. Evan

    Simply adorable, sirs.


  19. atticus

    I do cherish these deep moments.

    There should be more insights into you. Perhaps an LBFA “Lil’ Folks” strip? :-D

    You show Curt as a 10 yr old counting money and Chris eating cereal and envisioning himself as a superhero.

    And of course comic curt and comic chris have known each other since they were 2….everyone knows that.


  20. otherjoel

    For me it was Supergirl.
    Wonder Woman always seemed more like a mom to me,
    the person who drives you to the movies/comicbookstore/arcade.
    But once I was at the movies, I’d rather have been holding hands with Supergirl.
    Oh wait, do Betty and Veronica count?
    Might have to think about this one.


  21. Carvin

    I’ve got one word for you: anigav


  22. surly

    black panther


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