It’s not a T. Rex manga
July 10th, 2009

It’s not a T. Rex manga

Somewhere, the real Otaku Barn is livid over this strip. I fear for the general stability of my skull if anyone who works there has mastered the Fist of the North Star.

And check out 20th Century Boys if you like well paced mysteries and beautiful art. Urasawa’s other major translated work, Monster, also comes highly recommended. Thanks to d00gz from Funnybook Babylon for turning us on to Urasawa.


  1. Lauren

    Hahahaha! Chris looks like Sailor Moon.


  2. Furious Tentacle

    Dibbs on Chris Haley as Sailor Moon for my Halloween costume. Better start working on my stubble. Right. Now.


  3. atticus

    I was so sure your name said “Furious Testicle”


  4. Mike

    I just ordered vols. 1-3 of 20th Century Boys: it sounds great.

    Have you read Genshiken? If not, it’s definitely worth checking out…


  5. dan

    Curt has way too much forehead in p 2.

    Still loving it guys, keep it up!


  6. p

    i read 20th Century Boys in scanlation before it came out over here, it KICKS ASS.


  7. chudleycannonfodder (David)

    20th Century Boys is awesome. I also recommend Pluto, which is his retelling of an old Astro Boy story. It’s only around eight volumes long (and it’s finished), so if you want a sample of what his work is like, it’s a good buy.


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